Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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In my hopes for trying for baby #2, I have been looking at all sorts of baby stuff and baby sites just daydreaming of having another baby and buying some new cute babystuff. So, recently I came across I thought that their baby items were adorable. They offered my readers 30% off.

code: 20twinkle09
discount: 30% off of retail
expires: 12/31/09

Here is an adorable nursing blanket : They are $34.00.
The nursing blanket is a little bit heavier thank a regular blanket. so that is stays securely on your shoulders. They have so many different colors and designs. I tried to pick a whole matching set to share with you guys even though I would actually pick a neutral color. (If and when it does happen I don;t want to find out the sex)

The next item I wanted to share with you guys is The quick change diaper pouch: They are $9.99.
I hate lugging around big diaper bags. This quick chjange diaper pouch is small and easy to carry. It holds 4 diapers and a slim wipe case.

I also thought the kimono set was adorable: $36.00.
It looks so comfotable and adorable.

As I mentioned there is a 30% coupon code for all of you. All you have to do is enter the code 20twinkle09 at checkout. It expires 12/31/2009



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