Friday, July 31, 2009


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Thursday, July 30, 2009

>Some Free Ideas for Summer Fun

>1- Check out Regal Cinemas Ramily Film Festival for free movies in your area. CLICK HERE

2- Bring your child to the local park and let them play in the sprinkler and perhaps have a little picnic.

3- Check the local parks in your area, some have free movie nights, concerts & events.

4- Go to your local library. They have storytime and crafts often. Its a lot of fun for the kids and air conditioned.

5- Go to the beach! Pack some food and head over to the beach with some toys.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

>Today's Freebies- Free Leapfrog Book & More!

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>Love Public Libraries!

>I absolutely love public libraries. I live in New York and the libraries here are awesome. I send my daughter to my moms during the week while I am at work.

Friday's they go to storytime, which consists of a song, then a story, and then a craft or coloring based on the stories theme. Today they went to another library and she made a musical instrument using recycled materials. Then the kids all had a mini concert. Te program gererally lasts about an hour and my daughter has a blast. She gets to socialize with other kids and get out of the house.

This blog is to thank all the public libraries that organize these awesome programs!!


>Today I will share the good news first again: Samantha used the potty again this morning. We have hot water again! Woo-hooo! Finally.

So anyways, the landlord came to fix the hot water last night. She needed to get a part replaced. Which is fine by us. My husband and I don't complain or get angry. We just try our best to deal with the situation.

So the landlord came up and said it's fixed and it should come on in about a half hour. Our neighbor was outside and said "good now they can take showers." So then later on the landlord cornered my husband and said she does not appreciate the comment that was made by our neighbor and bla bla bla.. I later called her up and explained that we did not complain and I dubt it was done maliciously. But one thing made my husband and I on edge. She said "I can be the best landlord or the worst."

So now my husband and i are stressed out from the whole situation.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

>Free Dr. Seuss Lorax Activity Book

>Energy Star has an awesome 6 page Dr. Seuss Lorax activity book that you can either order from them for free or download onto your computer.

Its called Join the Lorax and Help Prevent the Earth From Global Warming. Inside is a maze, a word search and more. It's important to teach your child at a young age different ways to help the earth and evironment. What other way to do it then by making it fun for them.

Click here to order or download your copy now

>Free Family Movies

>You can go see a free movie at a local Regal Cinema.
Click here for a movie theater near you.

Samantha's First Trip to the Movies

On Tuesday's and Wednesdays at the Regal Cinema near us they are having a free family film festival. It takes place from now until August 26, 2009 on Tuesday's and Wednesday's at 10:00 AM. The best part is its free.

Free admission to rated G and PG movies such as: Kung Fu Panda, Curious George, Horton Hears a Who, Madagascar 2, Charlotte's Web, and more.

Today Samantha's Grandmother took her to go see a Veggie Tales movie that they were playing. However, due to technical difficulties the theater was having, they sent all the viewers to go see G-Force instead. Lucky her! I would have totally wanted to see it with her. She had a blast at the movies!

Samantha called me up very excited when they got home. All I understood was there was a mama and a daddy. Oh, and she got glasses (3D).

To find a theater near you participating in the Free Family Fun Festival click here.

>A Long Week This Is!

>Ok so do you want to hear the good news or bad news first?

Bad news: Still no hot water.

I failed to mention to you guys that Sunday when we got home from Jersey we had no hot water and the air condition didn't go on. We called the landlord yesterday and she checked the fuse and now its fine (we don't have access to them.) But still no hot water.

I made the mistake of giving Samantha an ice pop last night. Oh geez, the mess she made with it. She ended up having a sponge bath. I heated some water on the stove and poured it in a bowl with a bit of soap. The landlord said she would have the problem fixed today. So let's keep our fingers crossed.

Good News: Samantha used the potty this morning!

This morning when I woke up I went to the bathroom and Samantha fllowed me in. Then I pulled down her diaper and asked her if she wanted to do pees with mama. She sat on the potty and peed. I am so happy! The road to potty training is very very difficult. She got a special sticker and was very proud, as was I.

Monday, July 27, 2009

>More Freebies

>I only found 2 but I thought I would share them with you.

Mattel Precious Places "The Princess Saves the Ball" Free DVD

Total Blueberry Pomegranate Cereal Sample

>Happy Monday!

>Happy Monday everyone. How was everyones weekend? We had a wonderful weekend, just sad to say its monday and back at work.

Saturday evening we ended up going to a freiends house for a playdate/ BBQ. It was fun. Then on Sunday we ended up going out to Jersey. We were going to go to the balloon festival but the weather was iffy. So we ended up going to Jersey and having a BBQ at my brother in laws house and going to the pool. Samantha had a wonderful time. She has no fears at all with the water.

They had a kid pool that was 1 ft deep then a big pool that was 3-6 ft deep. All she kept saying was big pool. So most the time she spent with us in the big pool. She had such a blast.

We got really lucky with the weather. It started to rain after we got home.

So now its Monday. The start of a new work week. ughh.. sit here wishing it was Friday!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

>Art Class @ The Noguchi Museum

Art Class at the Nogchu Museum 7/25/09 10:30-11:45

Creating a Masterpiece out of Clay - Final sculpture: Jay Jay the Plane

In the museum looking at sculptures and drawing them.

Today when we woke up I asked my 21 month old Samantha if she wanted to go to school. She knows her older cousins go to school, so she said "Yeah!" and was very excited. We were taking her to the Noguchi Museum for an Art for Tots program.

The Noguchi Museum is located in Long Island City, NY. and was created by Isamu Noguchi . "The Noguchi Museum offers a variety of education and public programs that seek to introduce the work and vision of Isamu Noguchi to diverse audiences. These programs encourage the investigation of Noguchi's work from different vantage points, and support participants as they experience the artist's work from their own perspectives." Link

They have a variety of education programs there. We decided to take my Samantha there. When we arrived we sat on a Mat and did stretches. Then the teacher handed out clay. She asked the children to describe the smell, texture & color. After the discussion was complete we headed over to the tables which the children were able to create their own sculpture out of clay. Samantha had an awesome time doing this. Maybe a month ago we introduced her to play-doh, which she absolutely loves! You can see her beautiful scultpture of Jay Jay the plane on the top of this page.

After creating a magnificent piece of art, the teacher gave the children a clipboard with questions about scultures. They were asked to draw the sculptures in the museum. So at first this was all new to Samantha but by the end suprisingly Samantha was laying on the floor trying to draw the scultures on the paper so that she can remember them when we go home.

After that we went back town to the classroom. All the children talked about the sculpture that they made. After each child went everyone applauded. Then it was time to go home.

Samantha had a great time and felt like such a big girl going to "school." I think its gret at her age to introduce her to a classroom type environment and be around other children. Also, introducing her to art is very important to me.

More adventures to come tomorrow. For it is a new day...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

>How to Fix a Boo-Boo

Let's face it. Summer is here. Along with summer comes shorts and cute dresses. It seems that once they sart wearing them they get a little more clutsy. At least it seems that my daughter does anyway. There most be something about having their legs exposed that makes them fall more. I really think her knees have been scraped since the forst day of summer. All that Samantha has to say about it is "Boo-Boo Go Home!, Go Home to Mommy and Daddy." (Of course the Boo-Boo must have a Mom and Dad)

So, she is 21 months old and we thought we would get her some cool looking bandages for her never ending boo-boo's. My husband and I thought about what character bandages we wanted to get her on the way to Toys R Us.

She has her favorite shows and some things from them just sticks with her. There is Mickey Mouse of course. Then when she doesn't know how to do something she calls upon Special Agent Oso and his three special steps. When she is super cute and mushy she starts singing Barney's "I Love You", and when something is broke she calls Manny. That is Handy Manny from the Disney Channel. So I thought who other than Handy Manny can fix Boo-Boo's better.

So upon picking out her first package of character bandages we chose Nexcare Handy Manny bangages. They are adorable and stay on well. She also didn't complain it hurt taking it off. Believe it or not a Mommy and Daddy kiss with a Handy Manny bandage it makes the boo-boo all better. Handy Manny does fix Boo-Boo's too. .

How do you make your child's Boo - Boo all better?

>Heaven and Earth, Life and Loss

>I want my readers to know me as a person. ot just another website. Therefore I want to share a piece of me with you. It may only appear to that I have only one child but I really have two. One here on earth and one in heaven. But there will always be two in my heart.

I found out I was pregnant with my first child in September of 2006. I ended up losing my baby in mid December of 2006. Right before Christmas. It was the hardest thing ever. I remember it like it was yesterday.

My husband and I was not married yet. We were in the midst of planning our wedding. I remember everything like it was yesterday. If it was a boy, we were going to name him Jacob and a girl would have been Claudia. We were both so excited about having a baby.

It happened in december in the middle of the night that I had spotting. I went to the hospital and they said its very light and sometimes thats normal in pregnancy. The next day I just went with my mom to pick out wedding favors. I had nothing but fear in my mind as I went about this as though it was a chore. I just wanted to know everything was ok.

That night I went to sleep and woke again and this time the blood was a lot heavier. It was the worst feeling I ever had. So my husband and I rushed to the hospital and once I got there I wanted nothing more than for them to save my baby. That is all I kept asking. Will the baby be ok? Can you please save my baby? There was nothing they were able to do. I left the hospital with an emptiness inside me, a void that nothing was able to fill. A feeling of incompleteness. It was the worst feeling ever.

One minute the baby was inside me and the next the baby was gone. I took off from work for a couple of weeks in order to heal physically and pull together emotionally. I remember a couple mornings later I was laying in bed watching TV and it showed a commercial for the news. On the news was a mother who got in a car accident with their baby because she was drinking and driving. I couldn't stop but wondering why god gave her the gift of life but took it away from me? Still I wonder why. You see shows on TV like MTV's 16 and Pregnant, and then hear a story about a wonderful couple who cannot have kids. You just cannot help but wonder to yourself why?

Miscarriage was the most difficult experiance I ever had. It still saddens me til this day and til this day I still fear it. How do you get over losing a baby? I really honestly don't think its possible. I mean I surely cannot, and I dont think I want to. It has become a part of me and an experience that has taught me so much.

I found 2 days before i got married in February 2007 that I was pregnant again with my daughter Samantha. And by gosh it was the most wonderful gift I ever recieved. I cherish her and love her so much. I appreciate her so much and she just continues to amaze me every day.

Rose will be 2 in October. My husband and I have talked about having another child. I am not going to lie. I would love to have another child but I always have that fear of losing my child during pregnancy. It kind of makes me a little hesitant about getting pregnant. But perhaps one day soon we will try for another baby again.

I have one child in heaven and one here on earth. Both will always be in my heart. . .

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

>Book Review: Oh My Baby, Little One


Book Review :

Oh My Baby Little One - By Kathi Appelt (author) and Jane Dyer (illustrator)
Rating: On a scale of 1 to 10 I give this book a 10

Being a working mom is pretty difficult. I mean sure its tough going to work all day and then coming home and having more work to do. But I don't complain much about that. My complaint is more the emotional aspect of it.

I had my daughter in October of 2007 and went back to work 2 1/2 months later. It was the hardest thing by far to leave her in the morning. Before I went back to work I started reading her this book: Oh My Baby Little One by Kathi Appelt (author) and Jane Dyer (illustrator).

The first time I read it I cried. It was when I was getting ready to go back to work and I didn't want to leave her at all. The story is about a mama bird and a baby bird their seperation. In the morning the Mama bird drives the baby bird to school. The story goes on to say how even though the Mama is not there her love will be there through the day. Then it goes on to tell you how the baby birds love will be with the Mama bird throughout the day while the Mama is at work.

Sometimes I think that the seperation is more difficult for me then it is for my daughter. This book is a childrens book but helps the child and the parent deal with seperation. My daughter is almost 2 (she will be two in October). You wonder when you read to your child how much they grasp. Well this is a story I read to her since she was not even 3 months old and it's amazing how much she grasps.

As we read the book she now names the characters in it. The mama bird is me of course, the baby bird is Samantha (my daughter), their is a dog in the book she calls Milo (her dogs name), and the teacher she calls Grandma. Her grandma watches her while I am at work.

Also, once I start the sentence, now nearly every sentence in the book she finishes. It's amazing how much children really do grasp.

I highly recommend this book to working moms or even for children who are starting school. It teaches the child and the parent that even though they are not together physically, they are still with eachother in spirit. Their love is with eachother throughout the day and will never leave.

Below is the link for amazon if any of you are interested in purchasing this book.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

>Parks and Cigarettes

>Last night my husband went to the park with my daughter after work. The park close to our home has a cute playground. So we get there and two mothers going to sit at the bottom of the steps to get to slide smoking?

First off there is a sign before you enter the park that there is no smoking. Second, as she sits there her daughter who was about two climbs onto her lap. She had a cigarette in her hand!!

Before I got pregnant I was a smoker. So I can totally understand the urge for a cigarrette. But I mean come on, is it that important that you put your childs health and others in danger?

People, wake up!!! Cigarettes are nearly $10 a pack (in NY anyway). Smoking is bad. You are not allowed to smoke in the park. Especially around children.

If you are a smoker. Please, next time you are at a park and have the urge for a cigarette, please do not do it near children!!

What do you think of people smoking in Parks??
Leave me a comment and please tell me I am not nuts for being so passionate about this.


>Hi everyone. I am a new blogger. Lately I have been looking at other blogs and discovered it is really something that I want to do. As I read other blogs I came to learn how helpful it is reading other tips and reviews from other Moms.

My name is Cindy. I am 27 years old. I am married to a wonderful man . We have been married almost 3 years and have a beautiful daughter together named Samantha. She is going to be 2 in October. Both my husband and I work full time.

I want to share my opinions and experiences with you. Hopefully my words can help out the next person, just as others words have helped me.

Come join me and my family on this journey called life.

I hope you enjoy this blog.
As you know I am a new blogger. Any tips you may have please send them to me.
Also, if there are any items that you want me to review in this blog, just let me know and I will trya dn make it happen.