Thursday, July 23, 2009

>How to Fix a Boo-Boo

Let's face it. Summer is here. Along with summer comes shorts and cute dresses. It seems that once they sart wearing them they get a little more clutsy. At least it seems that my daughter does anyway. There most be something about having their legs exposed that makes them fall more. I really think her knees have been scraped since the forst day of summer. All that Samantha has to say about it is "Boo-Boo Go Home!, Go Home to Mommy and Daddy." (Of course the Boo-Boo must have a Mom and Dad)

So, she is 21 months old and we thought we would get her some cool looking bandages for her never ending boo-boo's. My husband and I thought about what character bandages we wanted to get her on the way to Toys R Us.

She has her favorite shows and some things from them just sticks with her. There is Mickey Mouse of course. Then when she doesn't know how to do something she calls upon Special Agent Oso and his three special steps. When she is super cute and mushy she starts singing Barney's "I Love You", and when something is broke she calls Manny. That is Handy Manny from the Disney Channel. So I thought who other than Handy Manny can fix Boo-Boo's better.

So upon picking out her first package of character bandages we chose Nexcare Handy Manny bangages. They are adorable and stay on well. She also didn't complain it hurt taking it off. Believe it or not a Mommy and Daddy kiss with a Handy Manny bandage it makes the boo-boo all better. Handy Manny does fix Boo-Boo's too. .

How do you make your child's Boo - Boo all better?


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