Wednesday, July 29, 2009


>Today I will share the good news first again: Samantha used the potty again this morning. We have hot water again! Woo-hooo! Finally.

So anyways, the landlord came to fix the hot water last night. She needed to get a part replaced. Which is fine by us. My husband and I don't complain or get angry. We just try our best to deal with the situation.

So the landlord came up and said it's fixed and it should come on in about a half hour. Our neighbor was outside and said "good now they can take showers." So then later on the landlord cornered my husband and said she does not appreciate the comment that was made by our neighbor and bla bla bla.. I later called her up and explained that we did not complain and I dubt it was done maliciously. But one thing made my husband and I on edge. She said "I can be the best landlord or the worst."

So now my husband and i are stressed out from the whole situation.


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