Friday, May 27, 2011

Life's Lessons

The biggest lessons I have learned in life, I learned from having kids. Children are a true blessing. Everyday is an adventure. There is no book that teaches you what to do. I learned a lot about myself and life. Here are just a couple of things:

I am strong! My strength has been put to the test, I learned that I am a strong woman. Much stonger than I ever realized. I experienced a miscarriage during my first pregnancy. I will never let the emotions go but I have learned to deal with the emotions that I have. After that I conceived 2 beautiful daughters.  Both pregnancies and deliveries were nerve wrecking.  I made it through both of them. As scared as I was I was able to stay strong.

Choose your battles. I practice this everyday with my husband and my children. Some things you have to learn to just let go. Life is not that serious and it is too short to be mad all the time.

Respect. Sometimes people discount childresn feelings. They are little people and they have feelings. It is harder for them to deal with their feelings then it is for us to deal with ours. They have not yet learned how to. I learned that if you treat your child with respect. If you have open ears and open arms they will respect you.

Germs are okay. Knock on wood, my children rarely get sick. I am very lucky. In all honesty I think it is because I expose them to germs. A lot of moms probably just gasped. I let my soon to be one year old on the floor in the yar. she plays with dirt and here comes another gasp.. I even had to scoop grass out of her mouth a couple times. I know some moms that when their child touches anything they bring out the baby wipes. I have never been that kind of mom. I always thought of germs as a way to build my childrens immunity. It seems to be working. My 3 year old was sick once since September. (Knock on wood)

Most importantly I learned that you can never stop learning. It is important to keep an open mind and an open heart.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Daddy Talk

Was your dad involved in your life?

Did he share any of the same interests as you?

My dad has always been extremely antisocial. He never ate dinner at the table. He rarely came to family party's or events.  Most the time he would complain about taking any of us anywhere. He just always seemed aggravated.

I guess he did try in the ways he knew how. Excuses were always made for him. My mom would say you know how your Dad is... He was raised like this.. or His parents did that..

My dad  coached my brothers baseball team and my softball team. It was bittersweet in a sense. My brother was great at baseball. For me,  softball was more of a hobby. I guess he tried to be involved and I should give him a gold star for that.  I will never forget that there was a girl Malory on our team and she was a really good player. All I would ever hear is did you see how Malory swung the bat, did you see how Malory got right under the ball to catch it. There were many games that I asked to be benched. There were many games that ended in tears.

Family outings were rare. My mom got involved with Girl Scouts and was the troop leader. She would plan fun trips that we would go on. As far as family outings most the time it was in the summer and it was a trip to the racetrack. Belmont always had fun activities for kids. There was music and face painting. They had a playground. I sued to love going to the racetrack with my Dad. Years later I found out that he has a gambling problem. That is entirely another story. Now the good memories at the racetrack leave a sour taste in my mouth.

I tend  to make excuses for my Dad's behavior. Everyone else always did, so I guess it comes naturally. 

Ultimately my husband showed me what a real Dad is. He is the best Dad he can be for our two girls. We do mostly everything as a family and is extremely involved in their lives. My daughters do not know how lucky they are. Evertime Samantha gets mad and says to him that she doesn't like him I tell her she has the best Daddy in the world. Then I ask her - do you know how I know? She asks how?  I tell her because I picked him out.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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Friday, May 20, 2011

>Crayola Washable Colored Bubble Launcher

>We purchased the Crayola Washable Colored Bubble Launcher about a month ago for my children. I would not recommend it. It is extremely messy and takes a very long time to fade from concrete and wood. You have to hold it upward and it still drips everywhere.

I do not recommend this. I do recommend calling crayola if you have experienced similar occurances with the product. First of all I hope they take it off the shelves so that other parents to not have the same agony. Upin calling they mailed me (2) $20 coupons off of one crayola product. I was very happy to receive these.

Ultimately I love crayola but this item was a flop.