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>The Night At The Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian DVD

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>Update on Pregnancy

>Besides from the $875 bill I got in the mail because my old doctor did too much testing and my insurance doesn't want to cover it, everything else is fine.
I went to my new doctor last week. He gave me a thumbs up! Everything looks good! Boy, do we have a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving!!!

All he did was give me an ultrasound to check the baby and sent me for two blood tests, which I go on Saturday. Then I have to go for an ultrascreen on Monday.

Here's the picture he gave of my new little one. We are so excited.

 Samantha is so cute about it. We have not found out the gender but she says there is a boy in Mommy's belly and a girl in her belly and a big baby in daddy's belly.

I am not sure if we are going to find out the gender. I have mixed feelings. I didn't find out with Samantha and it was so great, there aren't many surprises in life. That's my feelings.

My husband brings up a few good points. He says it would be easier because then if its a boy we can get rid of all the clothes we have packed away from Samantha and make room. We live in a small apartment. Then also, we plan to switch rooms and give the kids the bigger bedroom. So, then it will be easier to know how to decorate.

He makes a lot of sense, but then I still like the surprise of it...

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>“Chop Socky Chooks” Volume One Winners

>And the winners are....






the winners will be emailed shortly.

>Big Sister in Training!

 Samantha is going to be an awesome big sister. She tells me I have to keep my shirt up with my belly exposed so that the baby can see. She looks inside my belly button to see if she can see the baby. It is really really cute!

Sometimes she holds my stomach and says "I hold the baby." She loves singing the baby songs and giving the baby hugs and kisses.

Big Sister in Training. Samantha Feeding her baby doll.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

>Giveaway ends tonight!

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“Chop Socky Chooks” Volume One DVD Giveaway

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>Changing Doctors

>As I mentioned in my earlier posts, after my ob/gyn predicted an ectopic pregnancy and everything turned out to be okay (knock on wood.)
So thats what made me decide to switch doctors. I mean within a weeks time this doctor put my husband and I through hell. I mean literally, we were in a state of depression and just waiting for the day to come.

My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, we were caught by surprise, completely unexpected. So hearing that it was going to happen again was devastating, and totally heartbreaking.

So after I went to a different sonogram place, they saw the baby heartbeat and heart it and everything looked okay. I was in such tears of relief and happiness.

So the other night I went back to the doctor. The new doctor asked that I fax them over a copy of my records. At first it sounded like they said 75 cents a page if you just get the copies. I thought it would be free to fax. It wasn't free, either way it was 75 cents a page. Well there was like 103 pages. So it cost $77.50. I thought this doctor was money hungry before~ now I think she is starving for money.

I am not even 3 months yet. At the point of the sonogram that I heard the heartbeat, they measured 7 and a half weeks. The doctor had done a sonogram before I was pregnant- on September 1st, when I went in for the prenatals to tell her I was trthen again at the end of September once I told her I was pregnant. Then she did another one two weeks after that. Then she sent me for another sonogram out of her office. Each time, even the time that I went to her for prenatals she checked my hormone levels. Is that normal?

Well, whatever.. I have an appointment on November 18th with a different doctor. There are five doctors in the practice, which you see all of them. I think its pretty likely that one of them will deliver my baby too. With Samantha it was a regular hospital doctor that delivered.