Wednesday, September 30, 2009

>A List of Freebies

>Fan Walgreens on Facebook and receive a free 5X7 Photo Book on October 2, 2009. It retails for almost $10. You have to pay $1.99 S&H. Click Here to become a fan

Free Sample of Pure and Clear Face Wash - for acne prone skin. Click Here

Free sample of Benjamin Moore Color Affinity. Click Here to download the coupon. It looks like it is only for NY and NJ.

Scholastic Free Anniversary Hand Pointer- For Teachers. Click Here

Free Juicy Juice Refillable Bottle Click Here

Free Bag of Eukanuba Dog Food Click Here (on the bottom right side of page)

Free Dove Dimensions Thank You Cards (first 20,000) Click Here

>Enter the Sprouterrific Halloween Costume Contest

>Upload a photo of your child dressed in their homemade costume to the sprout website. The "pick of the day" will be announced between 11:30am and noon every weekday for the month of October. Your family could win a gift basket filled with goodies.

The first 500 to enter get a plush toy- Star from The Goodnight Show

The contest available on SproutOnline from 9/24/09 at 5pm ET to 10/29/09 at 3pm ET.

For more information and to enter visit

> Coupon Codes

>I recently won a $25 gift certificate to I loved shopping there. It was a hard decision to choose what I wanted but I finally picked out 2 bottles - Lifefactory Wee Go Glass Baby Bottles. I have not used them yet, and I don't plan to for a while to come, but I like them a lot.

. shipped the items out very fast and I was extremely satisfied.
I wanted to share with you guys a couple of coupon codes that I received in my email today.

Save 20% on all SproutFoods
Use coupon code: FOOD
Offer Expires: 10.07.09

Take 20% off all Thinksport bottles
Use Coupon Code: THINK
Offer Expires: 10.07.09

Take 30% off all gifts
Use Coupon Code: GIFT
Offer Expires: 10.07.09

You can also subscribe to their newsletter which is very informative. It also keeps you up to date on their current promotions.

Friday, September 25, 2009

>Baby Signs Potty Training Program Review And Giveaway (closed)


I was given the opportunity from Baby Signs to review their Potty Training Program. They sent me a free product to try out and keep. It was a lot of fun trying out this product being I am in the process of potty training Samantha. I have been trying all different ways to make potty training fun and get her more interested in it.

The Baby Signs Potty Training Kits includes:
A Parent’s Guide to Potty Training

All Aboard the Potty Train DVD

All Aboard the Potty Train Lift-the-Flap Book

All Aboard the Potty Train Conductor’s Whistle

My thoughts on The Parent’s Guide to Potty Training: The book was very informative. The book did a good job in explaining different cultures as well as potty training in history. Potty training was not always so late in a childs life. This book also explained different ways in helping to reinforce potty training. One way I liked was getting a phone call from a character or someone that they love. I thought that was a great idea. Now after Samantha uses the potty, I call up and pretend to be Snow White telling her she did a great job. Or my husband pretends to be Farmer Joe (a character that we made up:he brings the milk & apple juice.)
My thoughts on the Potty Training DVD: I loved it. I try to limit my daughters TV time. This DVD is short but shows a lot of repition. The DVD shows a few characters on the potty train and they have to go potty. Even thought my daughter can already speak I thought this would make it fun for her. she enjoyed the DVD. After 2 times watching the DVD with me she already knows all the signs.

My thoughts on the Potty Training Book: I like the book. I think the book is a reminder to her of the DVD. Samantha points out the different signs in the book and tells you their names and that they are going to use the potty. The book has flaps, which makes it a lot more fun. Note to authors: kids love flaps in books.

My thoughts on the jobe Well Done! Stickers: I love to give stickers a a reward, therefore I think they are great. They are cute. They say things like good job. I think stickers are a healthy reward. I have heard of some people that reward with food. I disagree with it. Stickers are great!

My thoughts on the Potty Train Conductor Whistle: Super Fun!!! It can be used in many different ways. The ways we use it: I will blow the whistle and tell Samantha its Potty Time or she will blow the whistle to go potty or she blows the whistle when she is done.

Overall, I thought The Baby Signs Potty Training Kit definitley made using the potty more fun for Samantha. It also helped me by teaching me more about potty traininga nd different methods.

Baby Signs even lets you print out free potty training resources on their website such as potty certificates, stickers, charts, and more. Click Here to check it out. I thought they were helpful (especially the certificates and the chart!)

Enter to win your own Baby Signs Potty Training Kit

*Contest has ended*

Leave a comment for each entry with a valid email address. Ends October 14,2009. The winner will be notified by email and has 72 hours to reply.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

>Frubi Shades Winner


Joy and Melissa said... 31 - Tweet about this giveaway (1 entry daily) @madly59

September 14, 2009 12:39 PM

i will email you for your shipping info! Enjoy!

>Fisher Price Giggle and Grow Contest

>Enter by November 15 to win $100 worth of toys from fisher price.
Redeemable at Walmart, Toys R Us and the Fisher Price online store.
25 winners.
Click Here to enter

>Wordless Wednesday- Dads Rock

>Here is a rock that Samantha found. Once we bought it home, she painted it. Then I helped her add the eyes, nose, mouth and some hair. When it was complete she said look its daddy.

She bought it over to my husband and said daddy thats you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


>Free bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser - Send in a picture of something that is or is not wrinkled and they send you a coupon for a free 3oz bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser.

Special K Cereal - Take the Special K Challenge

Huggies Pure & Natural (size 1 or 2 only)

Geotrax™ "Steamer & Samuel Save the Day" DVD by Mattel

Free Carly Simon Song Download- Let The River Run - sign up for the newsletter

Free Magazine offer Time Out New York Kids - For NY, NJ & CT Only

>How Do You Sneak Fruit and Veggies In?

> sent out a RAMBO Alert about an awesome blogging topic. How do you sneak fruits and vegatables in your childs diet?

Obviously we all know that fruit and vegetables are a very important part of a balanced diet. But how do you get your kids to eat them? Being a parent it is a must to learn a couple of tricks to be sure your child gets all the nutrition that they need. So what sneaky tricks do you know?
Here is a couple of mine:

1- Ketchup: Most kids I know love ketchup and love the idea of dunking. Ketchup makes everything taste better. I also remember as a child I would drown my peas in ketchup that way they slid right down my throat.

2- Pizza: Make it a fun cooking night by sitting around the table and adding different things to a pizza. Samantha added some peppers to hers, she even ate them when the pizza came out of the oven.

3- Tacos: Another food you can add anything to. Put veggies in bowls and let them stuff their tacos.

4- PB&J : Then add some bananna or raisins to it.

5- Waffles and Pancakes: You can add some fruit to the mix and after you are done cooking them put some fruit on top with a little bit of whip cream.

If you would like to also participate in this contest here is the link:
The first 100 bloggers to enter Thermos snack jar and a coupon off Horizon’s new Little Blends yogurt.
Little Blends Yogurt makes it a little easier for parents to get fruits and veggies into their childs diet. Little Blends Yogurt combines both fruits ad vegetables.
You can get a coupon for Little Blends yogurt on their website :

Monday, September 21, 2009

>Another Monday....

>Where did the weekend go??
Its monday again!

Good news is I am taking my vacation from October 2-16. So thats a plus.
Cannot wait!! Trying to fill the weeks up with fun fun (inexpensive) day trips.

This weekend, noted in the post before this with pictures, was Samantha's first day of dance class. She had such a good time. We also went over to my inlaws for rosh hashanna. Good food and good company. On sunday they had a small childrens fair in my neighborhood. It was a lot of fun. Then we took my mom out for her birthday.

Also, went to Michaels and A.C. Moore to stock up on some fun halloween crafts. Samantha loves painting and crafts. She has such a good time.

I guess we were so busy this weekend that the time just flew by, and now its monday again..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

>First Day of Dance School


 Samantha had a great time. She is the youngest in the class but she tries to fit right in. She followed directions and had a great time. And she looked adorable.

>Sprout: Upcoming!

>The new Season of The Good Night Show begins this Monday September 21. There will be 20 new episodes.

Also, a new program, Rubbadubbers Nina will join Chica in the Sunshine Barn that week.

They will start things off with a pajama party on Monday to start things off.

Click Here to check out Sprout Online for your local listings!

Friday, September 18, 2009

>Today at Playgroup

>The saddest thing...

 Samantha gets all excited to go to playgroup. It is new to her and she loves it.
She tells everyone she goes to school. It is only her second day.
Tomorrow she has dance class there.

So, today she was having a good time at playgroup and playing with the other kids.
She stuck some play-doh up her nose today - no big deal. I guess all kids do that.
So it was toward the end of playgroup. It was craft time.
So one of the little boys there said no and he started to cry. Well it upset Samantha a lot. She told him no cry but then when he didn't stop she got very upset and started crying too. So they called her grandma (my mom), who was on her way over to pick her up anyway. Then as soon as she got there she asked what happened and Rose told her - Boy cry. The teacher said that the boy is always given his way by his parents and grandparents. Therefore, when he is told no, he gets very upset. She said Rose got very emotional about it.

Its just one of thos moments being a mom that I wish that I was there. I am glad my mom was able to console her and all, she cares for her well and I appreciatetha. However, if your a mom you know how I feel.

>The Heart of My Home

>I receved a RAMBO alert from twittermoms about a new contest ~ The question being:
Where is the heart of your home?
That is a very easy question for me to answer. The heart of my home is obviously in in the kitchen for multiple reasons.
- Every night we sit down at the table, listen to some music and talk about our day. The table symbolizes family time in many ways. From talking, listening, and sharing our day with eachother, its pure bonding time.
- When I was younger I didn't have the fortune of having a complete family at the dinner table. My dad always ran into his room to eat, if he ate at all. That left my mom, my brother and I at the table. Which we still bonded, and I appreciated that the three of us ate togehter but it still left a feeling of confusion and a feeling that the dinner table was incomplete. But now with my family I feel more of a completeness. I am so thankful that my husband sits with us at the table to eat. You have no idea how thankful I am for that!
- Gosh, just look at the pictures below. I have such a great joy cooking with my daugher. We make simple things together like pizza, cookies and cake. She loves it so much. It is a special bonding time between my daughter and I when we cook together. I loven it. I think it teaches her how to follow direction, be creative and have fun. There are days I ask her what she wants to do and she tells me "make a cake"

Where is the heart of your home? You can leave a comment or even Click Here for more info about this contest and learn how you can participate.

The winning prize is a free Samsung Washer and Dryer. To see more appliances by Samsung Click here.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

>Religion & Holidays

>My Husband is Jewish and I am Catholic. Neither of us are really religious. Basically we believe in god. However, we both agree that Samantha should learn about all different religions and choose when she gets older what she believes in. Therefore, when it comes to religious holidays, we try to educate her and teach her how they are celebrated.

This Saturday, we are going over the to my husbands parents house for Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hoshanah is the Jewish New Year. We will celebrate the new year by eating apples and honey which symbolize a sweet year. Also, each year we try to taste a new fruit. There will also be challah bread which symbolizes the sycle of the year.

For Rosh Hoshanah, we look back on the year that past and the mistakes we have made. We think of ways to change them in the upcoming years in order to become a better person.

Thought I would share this with you guys!

>Kenny Loggins- Free Song Downloads

Recently, One2One Network sent me a cd of Kenny Loggins - All Join In.
They asked in return I complete a survey about the music, which I did.

Now they are offering my readers four free song downloads.

To get the free song downloads, all you have to do is click on the link below.
This will take you to the site. On the site there is a music player with four songs from the album on it to preview.

Then after you listen to them, you just have to answer a couple quick questions the music.
Once you complete that you will receivean email with a link to download four songs from the Kenny Loggins "All Join In" albulm.

My thoughts on the CD: The Kenny Loggins "All Join In" CD was very modern and inviting. My daughter quickly caught on to the tunes and loves them. Her favorite is "All Toghether Now." The songs relayed positive messages through the lyrics. I would strongly recommend this CD to others ~ so go and get your free songs! Enjoy!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Free Portrait Package from Picture People

Free 50 prints from use code FREELABOR at checkout for free prints and free shipping. ends today!

Sears Classic 10x13 Wall Portrait - No session fee

Free Sample of dove Shampoo

Free Slim-Fast 100 calorie snack bar

Free Coffee Spoon from LavAzza International Coffee Organization

BJ's Free 60-Day Trial Membership Offer
Free song Download from Trace Adkins

The Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up Book from the National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP) (item number is EPA420-K-07-001): call 800-490-9198 to request a copy. Takes 7-10 business days, I called.

~ * ~Oh and...please please help me out and vote for my daughter for the cutest wiggly face, she is behind on votes. thanks! Just Click Here to Vote ~ * ~

>First Day of Playgroup

>Today is my daughters first day of playgroup. I am so excited for her, yet so nervous!!!
My mom watches her during the day while I am working, she is going to bring her to playgroup at 10. It's a dropoff program from 10-12.

I told my mom to call me after she drops her off, then call me again when she comes home!
I will let you know more later...

So exciting!!!

Just got a call from my mom- she fell on the way to playgroup :(
But she is ok.

She went in playgroup and my mom told her to give her a kiss that she was going to the store, and she gave her a kiss and went to go play. She had no care that she even left.

Update!! She is back at Grandmas!
I received the call that they are home. She told me on the phone she made a picture and wants to bring it home to mommy. She also told me that she had a lot of fun! I am so teary eyed right now!!

The color of the day was yellow, she played with toys , playdoh, made a picture, and had cheerios and apple juice for snack.

My baby isn't a baby anymore : (

On the way back from getting pics developed at cvs she told my mom thats her school. then my mom said do you want to go to school, and she excitedly said Yea! Supercute!

My mom took pics. I will try and post some tonight!
Her first day of playgroup!!!
Saturday will be her first day of dance, its at the same place. My husband and I get to bring her so we are excited to see her reactions. Its great hearing about it but its so much better seeing it in person. Most the time, especially times like these I wish I was a stay at home mom.
However, if I was we probably would not be able to afford this.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

>Wordless Wednesday

>Dress Up Time!!!

>Earth baby Organic Mommy n' Me Refreshing Mist Review

>I recently received a free full size sample of Organic Mommy n' Me Refreshing Mistfrom Earth Baby Organics for Review. The Organic Mommy n' Me Refreshing Mist ias refreshing and kept my daughters skin feeling soft and lightly scented. The scent is so comfortorting. It is a mixture of vanilla, chamomile, and cucumber.

Samantha's Thoughts ~ (who will be 2 next month) is very excited to have it. She likes the smell and she thinks she is wearing big girl perfume. Whenever I spray it on her she gets very excited.

My Thoughts ~I love the scent, I love the softness and I love that Organic Mommy n' Me Refreshing Mist is completely safe for her.

Organic Mommy n' Me Refreshing Mist is:
•alcohol free
•certified organic ingredients
•pediatrician recommended
•OleoSpheres™ technology
•manufactured in the U.S.A.

Also I love what Earth Baby Organics is all about. .

About Earth Baby Organics:

Earth Baby Organics is definitely a company that I would be happy purchasing from. Their items are all organic. Plus: they give a portion of their proceeds to charities that help orphaned children and medical missions that provide free surgery to needy children. Oh and besides that, they also: Support the Tarsier Foundation to protect the endangered Tarsier monkey, the smallest in the world.

>10% off on

>A couple months ago I posted a review and giveaway on Eebee Adventures Dvd's.

I was just contacted by every best company, llc. with a coupon code to provide to you guys.

For 10 % off enter the coupon code: eebee at checkout on


>30% Off at


In my hopes for trying for baby #2, I have been looking at all sorts of baby stuff and baby sites just daydreaming of having another baby and buying some new cute babystuff. So, recently I came across I thought that their baby items were adorable. They offered my readers 30% off.

code: 20twinkle09
discount: 30% off of retail
expires: 12/31/09

Here is an adorable nursing blanket : They are $34.00.
The nursing blanket is a little bit heavier thank a regular blanket. so that is stays securely on your shoulders. They have so many different colors and designs. I tried to pick a whole matching set to share with you guys even though I would actually pick a neutral color. (If and when it does happen I don;t want to find out the sex)

The next item I wanted to share with you guys is The quick change diaper pouch: They are $9.99.
I hate lugging around big diaper bags. This quick chjange diaper pouch is small and easy to carry. It holds 4 diapers and a slim wipe case.

I also thought the kimono set was adorable: $36.00.
It looks so comfotable and adorable.

As I mentioned there is a 30% coupon code for all of you. All you have to do is enter the code 20twinkle09 at checkout. It expires 12/31/2009


>$ 10 off Junior Apparel at Sears

>Please don't miss out on this. Stock up on some holiday gifts or get yourself a nice shirt. This coupon is valid for a month and basically it is free clothes. At Sears you can find a nice shirt, and even go to the clearance racks and find some nice stuff. You can use the coupon one time per purchase, no minimum purchase required. Valid September 15- November 14, 2009.

Click here to get a coupon for $10 off Junior Apparel at Sears.

or you can shop online and enter the code 17SEARSAPPAREL at checkout

Monday, September 14, 2009

>Did you vote today?

>Hi Everyone! Is this not the cutest wiggly face that you every seen?
My daughter is behind on votes... :(
You can vote 20 times daily! ~ please please vote!
I would really realy appreciate if you just take a couple of seconds of your time to vote for my daughters cutest wiggly face on facebook.

To vote just click on the photo below which will take you to the site. Then vote for her photo. It really just takes a couple seconds!

Thanks so much!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

>My First Dear Kid Saturday

>I thought this was a great idea from Christina at cutestkidever . Thanks for coming up with Dear Kid Saturday! Here is my first:

Dear Daughter,

In just a few weeks you will be two years old. Time flew by so fast! Where did it go? It feels like yesterday that you were kicking in my belly. I can not believe that your already going to be two. As you say you are "not a baby, a big girl."

Everyday you amaze me more and more.

I loved going with you to the renaissance fair last Monday, you had such a fun time. My favorite part was when the fairy was blowing bubble and you ran around popping them.

It amazes me that you know exactly what you want.

Tuesday night when we went to pick you up from Grandma's you had it in your mind that you wanted to bake a cake and as soon as you got in the car you said mommy lets bake a cake. We didn't have cake mix but we did bake cookies that night. While I was putting the cookies in the oven I saw you sneak a taste of the cookie dough that was left on your fingers.

Last night eating dinner it was so cute when you pretended that the french fry was a snake. You have such a great imagination. I love every minute of it!


Friday, September 11, 2009

>Help One Another!

>As I mentioned before when I blogged to defeat hunger. Blogging is more than reviews and giveaways. Its more than just sharing life experiences and passionate opinions.

When you get a chance to help an important cause you should use the power of blogging to spread the word.

I was notifies from Megan @ TwitterMoms about donating a meal to a child in need through Feeding America with

All you need to do is make a promise to write a note and pur it in kid's lunch. If you promise to do that Lunchables will give a free meal to a kid in need. The Goal is 100,000 promises! It takes less than a minute!

Click Here To Participate

>Where were you on 9/11?

>Gosh can you believe how much time has passed? No matter how much time passes we will never forget.

Where were you on 9/11?
I remember the day so clearly like it was just yesterday. At the time I was working in Long Island City, NY. The morning of 9/11 was just like any other day. Woke up, took the train into work. I was listening to Culture Club that morning on my walkman. Once I got to work everything was just like any other day until a coworker of mine who was out in the hall on their cell phone came running in. You were able to see the twin towers from the hallway. He said a plane had crashed. Moments later I was on the computer to see what had happened.

My boss let us leave at 3pm that day. It was a long day. Getting home was longer. Luckily there was a bus that went near my house and I didn't have to take the trains. But everyone was really reaaly sad and just in shock. The buses were packed. There were many people on the streets needing help on how to find there way home. Then there were many people willing to help them find there way.

Upon going hom I just watched the news for hours on end. I did not go to work the following day. I felt sad. I felt sad for all those people who lost their lives. I felt sad for all the people who lost a loved one. I felt sad for this country. Where would it go from there?

I remember the next day the newspapers had photos of people jumping out of the buildings. It was really disturbing.

So today- Take a moment to think about 9/11 and all the people that were effected from that day. This is a day that everyone in this world was effected one way or another. For New Yorkers, it really hit home. Take a moment and be thankful for all the people that helped that day, all the people who gave their lives to save someone elses. Be thankful for the police, the firefighters, the american red cross, and everyone that helped out that day. Keep your thoughts and prayers with them and all the people who lost their lives or lost the life of a loved one that day.

* 9-11 Never Forger! ! ! *

Thursday, September 10, 2009

>Sprout's Wiggly Face Contest- Updated Links~ Please vote

>Cick here to vote!

Sprout is having a cool contest on Facebook!
They ask viewers to submit a photo of their best Wiggly face.
The winner will be chosen by user votes.
The prize: Awards a weekly prize of a Flip Video camera
Grand prize is a Nintendo Wii and a Wiggles autographed shirt!

Click Here To become a Fan on Facebook and Enter the Contest

This picture is a liitle old, taken in spring time, I guess she was about 19 months or so. But I think this is my daughters best Wiggly Face:

What do you think?

Hopefully it gets your vote. You can vote 20 times daily. Please give her your votes!
Please, Please Click here to vote for her Wiggly Face

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

>Wordless Wednesday

My daughter using an umbrella as a microphone to sing "The Barney Song- I love You"

>Two Awesome Giveaways

>I have Two awesome giveaways! Check them out!
Please go and enter~ Have to be entered to win!
Thanks & Good Luck!

Coby Digital Keychain Giveaway (ends 9/10)

Frubi Shades Review and Giveaway

>Kids Sunglasses- Frubi Shades Review and Giveaway (closed)

>Thanks to and Frubi Shades I was given the opportunity to review a pair of Frubi Shades. They sent me two free pairs of shades. Therefore, I have one pair to review and one pair to giveaway.

So, whats so special about these glasses?

Being a parent, you know that you are always out to find the best thing for your child. Especially when it comes to protectibg them. These glasses were designed by a ophthamologist to protect your childs eyes.

I was always worried with regular sunglasses that my daughter would poke herself in the eye when she contantly kept taking them off. Frubi Shades are made of a soft material and wraps around your childs head with velcro in the back, there are no hard edges.

The shades are made with polycarbonite lens which blocks 100% of UVA and UVB as well as damaging blue light. Being that kids eyes are very sensitive it is very important that they wear sunglasses.

Fubi Shades are also great for the pool or beach. The water will not damage them, the velcro will help them stay on. If they do happen to come off, the soft material they are made of floats in water.

I thought that the glasses were very cute. I am sure you would agree (just take a look at the picture.) They were easy to put on and take off. I am guessing that they were comfortable because my daughter did not complain or try and take them off. They are also inexpensive. They only cost $9.99. I think they are worth it.

Fubi Shades are available in 16 colors and prints. I am giving away one pair of denim blue glasses which are suitable for a boy or girl.

Enter to win a pair of Denim Blue Fubi Glasses

*The Contest has ended *

Open to US only. The giveaway ends on September 23, 2009 at 12 noon EST. The winner will be contacted by email. Make sure to leave your email address in the comment.

>Teaching your child their ABC's

>I thought that a would share this website with everyone. It is a great free website for children!
The website is called

There are different select different activites:
-Learn to Read
-It's Fun to Read
-I'm reading.

So far all I have really done with my daughter is ABC's. She loves the program and thinks it is a lot of fun. It shows the letter and pictures of the words that begin with that letter. Then has a game at the end of each letter that you complete. It is really is a lot of fun.

There are also fun songs. My daughters favorite is when you click on the lower case "e" on the bottom, it sings a song called Ed the Elephant.

So check it out and let me know what you think. I hope you like it, I love it!!!

Click Here to Go to the Website

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

>Labor Day at The Renaissance Fair

She pretended that the rock was a slide

Daughter and Daddy watching a show together

My daughter and I on the most confy chair!

lol- super cute pic!!!

Bubble blowing and popping with the nice fairy!

Our Labor Day:
We went to the Renaissance Fair which was about 2 hours away.
The line to get in was about an hour also but it was well worth it.
It was a beautiful day and a wonderful time!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

>See Kai Run Winner!!!!

>The Winner of the See Kai Run Giveaway is #69

Congrats to: Angela!!!!!!!!!!
"Angela said... 69 I subscribe to their newsletter #2

August 26, 2009 11:04 AM "

I will be emailing you for your shipping information!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

>Family Day Trip

>Some of my favorite pictures from today at the botanical gardens.
Nice relaxing day ~ lot of fun!!

>Spread the Word: Sprout's Great Tuck In

>Sprout is almost at their goal of helping 75,000 kids with new books and pajamas. They are trying to reach this goal before October 1st.

Sprout partnered with the Pajama Program to deliver new Pajamas and bedtime books to children in need.

Sprout is matching your donation!

Remember the Children are our future. If you help one child it will put a little sunshine in their lives. Also, it is also important to teach your kids the importance of giving.

Click Here For More Information

Friday, September 4, 2009

>Winner of the $10 Stop and Shop Card

>Congrats to:

"Jenna Z said... 2 I combine sale price with coupons by going through the flyer and picking out coupons for things that are already on sale! Buy one get one free is an awesome deal when combined with coupons!

September 3, 2009 10:28 AM "

I will email you shortly for your shipping information

>Solavie Desert Skin/Hair Care System Winner

>A winner has been chosen using
Congrats to Comment #29

"Laura said... 29 I subscribe to your emails

September 3, 2009 9:53 AM "

I will email you for shipping info!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

>Free Health and Medical Signs poster from Baby Signs, Inc.

>I thought this may be useful:

Communication can be very difficult when it comes to your baby.
I remember many times my daughter was sick and I just wished that she was able to tell me what was wrong. They are so helpless and all you want to do is make them comfortable

Baby Signs, Inc. provided me with this link to a poster to share. It teaches you some signs to teach your child.

Click Here for a Free Health and Medical Signs Poster from Baby Signs, Inc.
You can download it on the bottom of the page

>Freebies- Yay!

>I don't know about you but I love getting freebies in the mail!

I mean its bills and stress piled into a mailbox, then when you get a free sample it just makes it a little better and brighter.

Freebies are to bills what a tylonel is to a headache..

So here is todays list:

Free Sample of Bear Naked Cereal or Grain-ola Bars

Free Sample of Huggies Little Movers

Laderma- Flexitol Foot Care Sample

Quaker Oats Chewy Granola Bar

Personalized Greeting Card

Samples from Kroger (not available everywhere)

Kashi Cereal- Choose One of Three

Aquafresh Toothpaste Sample

Subscription to Cruising World (12 issues)

Exederm Intensive Moisture Cream

Kotex Overnight With Wings

Tampax Pearl

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

>Stop & Shop Back To School Savings Event (closed)

>Stop & Shop Back To School Savings Event 9/4/2009- 9/10/2009

Save on groceries and gas at Stop and Shop. MyBlogSpark recemtly emaled me about a back to school savings event at stop and shop. They asked that I help spread the word and in return offered me a $10 giftcard to Stop and Shop, and also a $10 gift card to stop and shop for one of my readers. All courtesy of MyBlogSpark and General Mills!

Reasons you should go and check out the Stop & Shop Back To School Savings Event:

* The Stop and Shop Back to School Savings Event will take place between September 4th and
September 10th.

* There will be huge savings and sales on General mills products. It is a great time to
stock up on cereals and snacks for school.

* If your Stop and Shop sells gas: For every 4 participating General Mills items you
purchase you will receive 100 points on your stop and shop card.

For every 100 points earned on your Stop and Shop card you will save 10 cents per gallon
of gas.

* If your Stop and Shop does not sell gas: You will receive 20 bonus box tops for your
school when you purchase 5 participating General Mills products.

As I mentioned ~ there is a $10 gift card that MyBlogSpark and General Mills offered me to give away to one of my readers.

*Contest has ended *

Giveaway ends Friday September 4 at 2:00 pm EST.
The contest run is very short so that the winner can take advantage of this weeks back to school savings event
A winner will be chosen using

>Lets Make Some Pizza!

Some Sauce & Some Cheese

Some meat & Some peppers

..and voila! ~ A super yummy pizza!

She had an absolute blast making pizza!
If you don't cook with your kids, you should try it ~ super fun.
If you do let me know some things you make because we love to try kid friendly recipes in our kitchen!

>Update: Baby Making Stuff

>I went to my OB/GYN yesterday and got prenatal vitamins.
She also checked everything out and checked my hormone levels.
Please wish us luck in trying for #2

>Scrubbing Bubbles® Fall Cleanup Gift Pack from Right At Home

Scrubbing Bubbles® Fall Cleanup Gift Pack from Right At Home

First 10,000* to respond will receive one free Scrubbing Bubbles® Toilet Cleaning Gel.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

>Mabel's Labels Review


Recently i contacted Mabel's Labels about reviewing their labels.

In all honesty ~ I must say that moms create the best things!

Mabel's labels was created by four moms- Hulie Cole, Tricia Mumby, Cynthia Esp, and Jule Ellis. They were al moms tired of their kids stuff being lost.. With great determination they developed the perfect labels that were cute and durable. The labels are dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe.

Mabel's Labels sent me the ultimate back to school combo to review.

The untimate back to school combo, which retails for $39 includes 108 labels which are very durable and handy. The combo includes:

50 Tag Mates: Great for labeling clothing. All you have to do is peel the adhesive sticky side and stick it on. No sewing or ironing!

40 Skinny Minis: They are great for labeling school supplies or cups and dishes. They are durable and dishwasher safe.

16 Shoe Labels: They go inside of the shoes, that was you know which is who's

2 Teeny Tags: They have a ring on it to put them on bag zippers.

When ordering the labels, you personalize it with your childs name along with the color scheme and icon of your choice. Upon receiving the combo compliments of Mabel's Labels I thought that the labels were gorgeous. The labels had my daughters name on them along with a pretty little balleringa icon.

Now I am able to keep tract of my daughters stuff easily. I though this would be perfect come september when she starts playgroup and dance class. They are both dropoff programs. The dance class requires them to to have tap and ballet shoes. So now I will be sure that the shoes that she goes there with comes home with us. She will also need a bag with a change of clothes, so the teeny tag will tell hers apart from the others. The labels were cute and durable. Like I said Moms create the best things!

The ultimate back to school combo will only be available until September 25th.

Check out their website for more products that may be handy for you and your child. They have allergy alert labels and 411 wristbands too. Also, they have labels that are great for home organization too.

If you order from Mabel's Labels now, there is a Mabel Moolah promotion going on right now.
When you spend $80 and receive a coupon for $25 for Mabel's Labels from Aug 15 - Sept
15. Click Here for more details.

Another helpful thing from Mabel’s Labels is they are a profitable and useful fundraising product that won’t cause a sugar spike! Parents love to support a Mabel’s Labels Fundraiser because labels are a product families really need. Rather than chocolate or wrapping paper you now have the option of lables., Email to start your fundraiser today.