Sunday, September 13, 2009

>My First Dear Kid Saturday

>I thought this was a great idea from Christina at cutestkidever . Thanks for coming up with Dear Kid Saturday! Here is my first:

Dear Daughter,

In just a few weeks you will be two years old. Time flew by so fast! Where did it go? It feels like yesterday that you were kicking in my belly. I can not believe that your already going to be two. As you say you are "not a baby, a big girl."

Everyday you amaze me more and more.

I loved going with you to the renaissance fair last Monday, you had such a fun time. My favorite part was when the fairy was blowing bubble and you ran around popping them.

It amazes me that you know exactly what you want.

Tuesday night when we went to pick you up from Grandma's you had it in your mind that you wanted to bake a cake and as soon as you got in the car you said mommy lets bake a cake. We didn't have cake mix but we did bake cookies that night. While I was putting the cookies in the oven I saw you sneak a taste of the cookie dough that was left on your fingers.

Last night eating dinner it was so cute when you pretended that the french fry was a snake. You have such a great imagination. I love every minute of it!



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