Friday, September 18, 2009

>Today at Playgroup

>The saddest thing...

 Samantha gets all excited to go to playgroup. It is new to her and she loves it.
She tells everyone she goes to school. It is only her second day.
Tomorrow she has dance class there.

So, today she was having a good time at playgroup and playing with the other kids.
She stuck some play-doh up her nose today - no big deal. I guess all kids do that.
So it was toward the end of playgroup. It was craft time.
So one of the little boys there said no and he started to cry. Well it upset Samantha a lot. She told him no cry but then when he didn't stop she got very upset and started crying too. So they called her grandma (my mom), who was on her way over to pick her up anyway. Then as soon as she got there she asked what happened and Rose told her - Boy cry. The teacher said that the boy is always given his way by his parents and grandparents. Therefore, when he is told no, he gets very upset. She said Rose got very emotional about it.

Its just one of thos moments being a mom that I wish that I was there. I am glad my mom was able to console her and all, she cares for her well and I appreciatetha. However, if your a mom you know how I feel.


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