Tuesday, September 1, 2009

>Mabel's Labels Review


Recently i contacted Mabel's Labels about reviewing their labels.

In all honesty ~ I must say that moms create the best things!

Mabel's labels was created by four moms- Hulie Cole, Tricia Mumby, Cynthia Esp, and Jule Ellis. They were al moms tired of their kids stuff being lost.. With great determination they developed the perfect labels that were cute and durable. The labels are dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe.

Mabel's Labels sent me the ultimate back to school combo to review.

The untimate back to school combo, which retails for $39 includes 108 labels which are very durable and handy. The combo includes:

50 Tag Mates: Great for labeling clothing. All you have to do is peel the adhesive sticky side and stick it on. No sewing or ironing!

40 Skinny Minis: They are great for labeling school supplies or cups and dishes. They are durable and dishwasher safe.

16 Shoe Labels: They go inside of the shoes, that was you know which is who's

2 Teeny Tags: They have a ring on it to put them on bag zippers.

When ordering the labels, you personalize it with your childs name along with the color scheme and icon of your choice. Upon receiving the combo compliments of Mabel's Labels I thought that the labels were gorgeous. The labels had my daughters name on them along with a pretty little balleringa icon.

Now I am able to keep tract of my daughters stuff easily. I though this would be perfect come september when she starts playgroup and dance class. They are both dropoff programs. The dance class requires them to to have tap and ballet shoes. So now I will be sure that the shoes that she goes there with comes home with us. She will also need a bag with a change of clothes, so the teeny tag will tell hers apart from the others. The labels were cute and durable. Like I said Moms create the best things!

The ultimate back to school combo will only be available until September 25th.

Check out their website for more products that may be handy for you and your child. They have allergy alert labels and 411 wristbands too. Also, they have labels that are great for home organization too.

If you order from Mabel's Labels now, there is a Mabel Moolah promotion going on right now.
When you spend $80 and receive a coupon for $25 for Mabel's Labels from Aug 15 - Sept
15. Click Here for more details.

Another helpful thing from Mabel’s Labels is they are a profitable and useful fundraising product that won’t cause a sugar spike! Parents love to support a Mabel’s Labels Fundraiser because labels are a product families really need. Rather than chocolate or wrapping paper you now have the option of lables., Email to start your fundraiser today.


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