Wednesday, September 16, 2009

>First Day of Playgroup

>Today is my daughters first day of playgroup. I am so excited for her, yet so nervous!!!
My mom watches her during the day while I am working, she is going to bring her to playgroup at 10. It's a dropoff program from 10-12.

I told my mom to call me after she drops her off, then call me again when she comes home!
I will let you know more later...

So exciting!!!

Just got a call from my mom- she fell on the way to playgroup :(
But she is ok.

She went in playgroup and my mom told her to give her a kiss that she was going to the store, and she gave her a kiss and went to go play. She had no care that she even left.

Update!! She is back at Grandmas!
I received the call that they are home. She told me on the phone she made a picture and wants to bring it home to mommy. She also told me that she had a lot of fun! I am so teary eyed right now!!

The color of the day was yellow, she played with toys , playdoh, made a picture, and had cheerios and apple juice for snack.

My baby isn't a baby anymore : (

On the way back from getting pics developed at cvs she told my mom thats her school. then my mom said do you want to go to school, and she excitedly said Yea! Supercute!

My mom took pics. I will try and post some tonight!
Her first day of playgroup!!!
Saturday will be her first day of dance, its at the same place. My husband and I get to bring her so we are excited to see her reactions. Its great hearing about it but its so much better seeing it in person. Most the time, especially times like these I wish I was a stay at home mom.
However, if I was we probably would not be able to afford this.


  1. >We are always more nervous then they are=)Thanks for stopping by today=)


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