Thursday, September 3, 2009

>Free Health and Medical Signs poster from Baby Signs, Inc.

>I thought this may be useful:

Communication can be very difficult when it comes to your baby.
I remember many times my daughter was sick and I just wished that she was able to tell me what was wrong. They are so helpless and all you want to do is make them comfortable

Baby Signs, Inc. provided me with this link to a poster to share. It teaches you some signs to teach your child.

Click Here for a Free Health and Medical Signs Poster from Baby Signs, Inc.
You can download it on the bottom of the page


  1. >My "babies" are quite verbal now (21, 18, and 16 yo LOL) but I have friends and family who have talked about teaching their babies to sign. Wish we'd have thought of this when mine were little! I remember that frustration of not knowing what they wanted/needed at times.

  2. >signing is absolutely great to know no matter what age


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