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>Book Review: Oh My Baby, Little One


Book Review :

Oh My Baby Little One - By Kathi Appelt (author) and Jane Dyer (illustrator)
Rating: On a scale of 1 to 10 I give this book a 10

Being a working mom is pretty difficult. I mean sure its tough going to work all day and then coming home and having more work to do. But I don't complain much about that. My complaint is more the emotional aspect of it.

I had my daughter in October of 2007 and went back to work 2 1/2 months later. It was the hardest thing by far to leave her in the morning. Before I went back to work I started reading her this book: Oh My Baby Little One by Kathi Appelt (author) and Jane Dyer (illustrator).

The first time I read it I cried. It was when I was getting ready to go back to work and I didn't want to leave her at all. The story is about a mama bird and a baby bird their seperation. In the morning the Mama bird drives the baby bird to school. The story goes on to say how even though the Mama is not there her love will be there through the day. Then it goes on to tell you how the baby birds love will be with the Mama bird throughout the day while the Mama is at work.

Sometimes I think that the seperation is more difficult for me then it is for my daughter. This book is a childrens book but helps the child and the parent deal with seperation. My daughter is almost 2 (she will be two in October). You wonder when you read to your child how much they grasp. Well this is a story I read to her since she was not even 3 months old and it's amazing how much she grasps.

As we read the book she now names the characters in it. The mama bird is me of course, the baby bird is Samantha (my daughter), their is a dog in the book she calls Milo (her dogs name), and the teacher she calls Grandma. Her grandma watches her while I am at work.

Also, once I start the sentence, now nearly every sentence in the book she finishes. It's amazing how much children really do grasp.

I highly recommend this book to working moms or even for children who are starting school. It teaches the child and the parent that even though they are not together physically, they are still with eachother in spirit. Their love is with eachother throughout the day and will never leave.

Below is the link for amazon if any of you are interested in purchasing this book.

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