Tuesday, July 21, 2009

>Parks and Cigarettes

>Last night my husband went to the park with my daughter after work. The park close to our home has a cute playground. So we get there and two mothers going to sit at the bottom of the steps to get to slide smoking?

First off there is a sign before you enter the park that there is no smoking. Second, as she sits there her daughter who was about two climbs onto her lap. She had a cigarette in her hand!!

Before I got pregnant I was a smoker. So I can totally understand the urge for a cigarrette. But I mean come on, is it that important that you put your childs health and others in danger?

People, wake up!!! Cigarettes are nearly $10 a pack (in NY anyway). Smoking is bad. You are not allowed to smoke in the park. Especially around children.

If you are a smoker. Please, next time you are at a park and have the urge for a cigarette, please do not do it near children!!

What do you think of people smoking in Parks??
Leave me a comment and please tell me I am not nuts for being so passionate about this.


  1. >I was a smoker BC (before children) but there is NO WAY I would do it now and NOT around my kids. I think smoking at any major event with children or any public place that has children should not be allowed.

  2. >Smoking is the most harmful habit because you can not keep it to yourself. Smokers often argue that they are only hurting themselves -- but they are acutally hurting everyone around them! I think it is rude, selfish and disrespectful for people, especially parents to smoke at a park.

  3. >Thanks for the comments. I also smoked before I had my daughter and I just cannot imagine ever going back to it. Having been a smoker I think its a gross habit and want to teach my daughter that it isn't good. I think its important to set this example at a young age. Please protect kids and do not smoke around them.


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