Tuesday, August 11, 2009

>Potty Training-How Do You Begin and When Does It End?

>I would surely love to know those answers. Being a first time mom I am certainly no expert. I am lerning about potty training just as much as my daughter Samantha is. It is hard for the both of us.

My daughter is now 22 months. I started the process of potty training her 2 weeks ago. At first all I would do is put her on the potty first thing when she woke up. It became routine and she got used to it. Every mornin she would pee I would praise her.

Then I began to put pull ups on her, and I let her decorate her potty. At first she would tell me "no undies, pamper!" I told her we had no more pampers and she is a big girl and big girls wear big girl undies. Something about the undies and being wet made her uncomfortable. So I decided no more pampers.

She has had many accidents but she is learning well. The other day we went to the mall and she told us "poopies." We rushed her as fast as possible to the toilet and she made poop. Not every poop makes it to the potty but when they do we celebrate and make a big deal out of it.

Yesterday she decided "No little potty, big potty." so now we put the seat on our potty and I guess it makes her feel big to use the big potty. She enjoys it more.

It is definitely a learning process for all of us but I think we are getting somewhere.I am very very proud of her. Hopefully by the time she turns two in october she is pretty much trained.

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  1. >Good luck, sounds like it is going pretty good with you. WHat made you decide it was time?? I will be there soon. I have put my guy on the potty at least once a day, but so far nothing. He is still young (14 1/2 months). But he will sit for a few minutes while we read. I just let him get up when he wants and we put the diaper back on.


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