Wednesday, August 5, 2009

>Should People Need A License To Have Kids?

>What do you think?

I am sure you have heard someone say this before, I know I have been involved in discussions like this many times. Should people need a license to have kids?

You need a license to get married, a license to be a teacher, a license to practive medicine and law. However anyone can have a child. Then on the flip side people who can not have children and look to adopt go through such a long unpromising process.

How many times do you go out and see parents with their children having no care at all, as though nothing can happen to their child?

The other day Samantha was in the park and her Grandmother was pushing her on the swing. He grandmother saw a child running to toward the swings aout of the corner of her eye. The child was no more than 2. There was no parent following the child. Luckily Samantha's Grandma had seen the girl coming and was able to stop the swing. The girl ran right behind the swing and could have been seriously hurt. even after the entire thing happened, the childs parents were still completely oblivious to it all.

Now think about this. What if the child ran in the opposite direction? Out of the park and into the street? What if the child was kidnapped because the parent was not watching them?

Is talking it up with friends really that important? Should you allow yourself to drown so deeply into a converation that you are totally unaware of your surroundings and the danger that your child may be in?

Please Keep Your Child Safe!

Just a Couple Ways To Keep Your Child Safe in Your Local Park
1- Always watch your child and stay nearby. That was if your child is in need of help, in harms way or injured you are able to reach them quickly.
2- If someone is smoking in the playgroung kindly ask them to step outside of the park. You do not want your child breathing in the smoke or picking up a cigarrette butt that was tossed and even possibly get burned.
3- Sunblock . You do not want to bring them home with sunburn.
4- There are often holes in the childrens play gyms where there is a ladder of a pole. If you have young children sure to stand in a place that they are safe and you are able to help them so they don't fall. They are often very high and it would be a hard fall.
5- In the sprinkler - always have your children wear shoes! Try and get ones that don't slip.


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