Friday, August 14, 2009

>Samantha's New Adventure

>Samantha will be 2 in October. Right now when she goes to the library and borders story time and when she does she says she is going to school. So, my husband and I looked into things we can put her in.

We did Music Together when she was a baby and she loved it, then we did Little Gym and that was fun while it lasted. Then the summer came and she is completely independent and wants to be a big girl. We tried gymboree once and its true that the teacher makes the program. We never went back.

So now I found a drop off program. The playgroup is 2 times a week for two hours and then there is a dance class on saturdays for 45 minutes. Tap and ballet. When we went to sign her up there was an older class in there and they allowed us to go in and see. It was super cute! Little Samantha tried to join the class and immitate what they were doing.

It is very exciting for my husband and I to put her in a program like this where she can meet friends and be able to enjoy herself. So a two year old with little tap and ballet shoes in leotards. Super cute! They even have a little recital at the end. I cannot wait! I will have to go search on etsy for a super cute tutu. Anyone who knows a great place please let me know.

Pictures to follow next month when the class starts!


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