Thursday, August 6, 2009

>Potty Time

>So Samantha is 21 months and we decided to potty train her full time now. And by gosh it is surely difficult. Although I must say she has been cooperating much better than I expected her to. We bought the huggies pull ups training pants and at first she said no, pamper. She wanted a pamper on, not training pants. So I guess there must be something that makes them uncomfortable.

The other night she decorated her potty, about an hour later she went poopy for the first time in the potty. I was so proud. I took a picture. I wanted to post it. It's a cute little poop, but I decided as cute as I think it is, you guys probably won't agree, or would rather just take my word on it.

Yesterday her grandma took her to the movies and she even did pee in the the toilet there. She went like 8 times yesterday. Today she went twice before we left the house. I think we are on to something here! After she goes potty we reward her with a sticker.

So wish me luck on this wild journey of potty training. I will keep you updated !


  1. >Okay that is so funny! When in our lives did we think we would take pictures of poop? LOL I am sure it was cute though. I know I think my sons are...(when they are in the potty, not his diaper) We are working on potty training too. We can support each other.

  2. >Boy, am I glad my potty training days are over!!

  3. >Congrats to you Veronica. It must be great to not have to buys pampers and all. Clueless Mama--- We can definitely use eachothers support!!


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