Monday, August 10, 2009

>Mayo Clinic Health Manager Review

>Recently I was asked by the Mom Bloggers Club to review the Mayo Clinic's new health manager.

The Mayo Clinic Health Manager is a free tool that people can use online to manage their family health. You can check out the site here. With Mayo Clinic Health Manager you can asily access your health records online, get personal guidance from experts, monitor your health and keep track of appointments.

Personally I saw some good and bad in this system.

Certainly it is a great tool. I think it would be extremely useful for our family. My husband is diabetic, has high cholecteral and high blood pressure. He is on numerous medications. He has to be sure to go back to the doctor every three months to check his liver because of the medication he is on. Then there is also my appointments and my daughters. My daughter is 2 and gets vaccinations. This tool can help keep track of everything easily.

I felt it was user friendly and easy to us. It would be great to go green and eliminate paper by keping track of everything online.

The only negative I found was because I am a little paranoid about entering my personal information places, especially on the web. There are so many hackers out there and I don't want them having access to my personal information.

In all honesty, as of right now I would not use this tool. I think its a good idea but I am just scared that someone will have access to my personal information. Perhaps in the future I would be more likely to use it as I get more and more comfortable with technology.

Click here to check out the website and detemine if the Mayo Clinic Health Manager is right for you and your family.


  1. >Hi Cindy-Ann, I really liked your post; you took a lot of time to review the application. I use Microsoft HealthVault, and I can totally understand your concerns about privacy and having your health information online. In my case, I think that the benefits outweigh the risks. The integration of my family's medical information has been so amazingly helpful for me that I'll take it any day over the massive paper files I was having to keep up. Plus, after hearing all the security breeches over paper files (fired employees looking at Farrah Fawcett's medical records; same with Michael Jackson, and of course, Octomom,) I am not sure paper records are a ton more secure, lol.

  2. >You make a lot of valid points. I agree with the massive paper that the system would completely get rid of. Mayo Clinic Health Manager I think is a great application. With the health issues that run in my family I surely see how it would really be helpful and how you get such great benefits from it. I just need to have a little more trust in technology to use it. Perhaps in the future

  3. >This is interesting. My question is, are CATS covered under family health care plan?


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