Monday, August 17, 2009

>Toddlers + Weddings = Recipe For Disaster


My husband and I had a wedding to go to this past Saturday. Quite an unforgetable event I must say. It is the first wedding that we bought Samantha to and I suppose it could have been worst but at the end of the night I said to my husband the great line that every woman says pretty often to their man "See I told you so..."

It started off many months agao, perhaps even a year ago that the bride asked us if my daughter would be a flower girl. First we said yes, until we thought about it. She is not even two yet, all I could imagine her saying is no mommy no, and having a melt down. I didn't want her to ruin the girls wedding. I didn't think she was ready for that. So we decided no to flower girl.

The bride then said ~ we both want her to be there. Being she lives in CA and there are people coming from all over for the wedding. so we said ok, we will bring her. My husbands reaction was great we are family and we will go as a family. My reaction was great, this is going to be a lot of work!

Church: We went to the ceremony with Samantha. She was not the only kid there. We were told it would be kid friendly but boy was that priest rude! How do they expect parents to want to bring their children to church if its a place unwelcome to them? Anyways, there was a 14 month old and he made a sound which wasn't a cry. It was more of a "Eh" and the priest shot an evil look and said if you can;t keep him down then please leave. Then Samantha had to go potty so my husband walked her out. She did not make a peep, but the priest said "are we gonna go through this again?" So this fun family experience turned out to be a little less fun then expected.

On the Way to the Reception: The reception was in NYC, so we drove there. On the way Samantha said she did poop, which we forgot to bring wipes. So as we drove through the city we were ISO a Duane Reade, which is normally on every corner in the city. However, we could not find any. So we finally find a Rite Aid and my husband pops out to get wipes and I put her in the back to get ready to change her. Turned out to be a false alarm. She didn't poop after all. We finally get to the place and park the car. Luckily we found meter parking and didnt have to put it in the lot. Then after we parked and got out of the car the actor from the first season of true blood, don't know his name, but he was the head vampire while bill was on trial. Well he said that my daughter was beautiful. That was totally cool!

Reception: So it was my husband, Samantha and I. I honestly felt like I didn't have a date, or like Samantha was my date. We stayed in the bathroom a lot of the night because Samantha constantly thought she had to do pees. My feet killed me from carrying her and running after her. my arms were sore the day after from carrying her. Then at one point during the dinner Samantha said she had to go potty and I had to take her. When I came back our plates were gone! I asked my husband who was in fact sitting next to us and he said he didn't notice. Oh, and he didn't drink either. Samantha is a doll, don't get me wrong. I hate leaving her but sometimes I think the best thing in certain situations is to leave her with a sitter. From this experience I really don't think that a wedding is a place for toddlers

So, we have another wedding in October. It is my brother in laws wedding and we have to bring her. Perhaps I will just copy and paste this post in October. Then a couple add ons cause thats going to be a weekend event! AHHHHHH !!! (thats me screaming!)

Here are some cute pictures of my little princess before the wedding, enjoy!


  1. >I'm so sorry that priest was so incredibly rude! Children are made in God's image so someone that is in his position should understand that. Anyhow, your daughter looked adorable!

  2. >it was not as though she was acting up, neither was the other kids, barely a peep out of them. i guess it was just a hot day and he must have been very cranky!

  3. >OMG!! So sorry you had a rough time. It scares me for the wedding we have in October. My step daughter is getting married and my son will be about 16 months...I am scared. Its not in a church, but a really nice resort..His cousin that is 2 months younger will be there too....Wishing you luck on the next weeding and looking for luck for ours.


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