Tuesday, August 25, 2009

>Painting a Masterpiece

>Last weekend fixed up the playroom for Samantha. We bought the cute little cubby hole shelves for her toys and the totes to go in them. Then I thought about the decorating. I saw a cute picture of a Teddy Bear Ballerina at Target. It was like $25. So then the wheels in my mind started spinning.

I said why should I spend $25 on someone elses art when I can just sit down with Samantha and she can make her own art for her playroom.

Then, I went to AC Moore. Spend $10 for 4 pieces of canvas, and $4 on paint. We went home and she painted one canvas. Check it out, doesn't it look great?

She told me she painted a picture of Barney, Special Agent Oso, Jay Jay, and Super Why.

Her playroom with her masterpiece!


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