Friday, August 7, 2009

>The Real Celebrities in this World

>What is wrong with our society that people worship actors, singers, and athletes? Sure they are talented, but do they really deserve to make that mych money? Can't you think of someone that deserves to make more money than Paula Abdul?

I heard yesterday Paula Abdul rejected the offer from American Idol because she wanted more money. Didn't they offer her like 4 million?

It truely bugs me. I honestly don't believe that actors, singers or athletes should make as much as they do. There are people who contribute more and deserve more and don't get the acknowledgement that they should.

Who are the real celebrities on our society??
Doctors: They help and heal the sick, and try to keep the healthy healthy.
Teachers: Without the teachers to teach the doctors there wouldn't be any, huh? Besides that, they inspire, teach and help our children.
Moms and Dads: They are also teachers. I must say I honestly believe being a parent is the best but most difficult thing to be. You are there for your children, teach them, and try to raise them right the best you can. Your a teacher to teach them, a bodyguard who keeps them safe, a friend they can turn to, you make them feel better when they are sick. The list goes on!
Military: They are putting their lives on the line for our country!! Don't you think they deserve to make more?

I can keep adding many more people that I believe should make more money then them.
I am sure that you know some... leave a comment to add onto the list.

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  1. >thanks for this post! i am a teacher and its nice to see someone show appreciation-jen


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