Thursday, March 4, 2010

>How Do You Feel?

I don't really like discussing politics, I realize what a sensitive issue it is, but..

Just a question...

How do you feel that President Obama smokes?

How I feel:

First, let me start by saying that I use to be a smoker, for many years actually. I realized the harm it was doing on my body. I made the decision to quit. Sure, at stressful times I may crave a cigarette but I will never pick one up again. It was a habit, a bad habit and I took control of it.

If President Obama cannot gain control of his habit, then how the hell can he possibly control the US.?

How many children say they want to be the President when they grow up? And when they say they want to be President, to them as saying they want to be a super hero.
The President is a role model and someone that children should look up to.

Movies, that may be PG, get an R rating because there is smoking in the movie. Which I get. You don't want your child looking up to the star of the movie who is perceived to be cool or sexy because he smokes. I don't want my child to look up to a president that smokes either.


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