Tuesday, March 16, 2010

>My Crib Experience

That is the sound of me screaming my head off in frustration.

Here is the story:

About 2 weeks ago, we decided on purchasing a crib. I am now 28 weeks pregnant. Some may say it is early to buy a crib but I want Samantha to get use to the idea of the crib and the baby stuff. I want her to learn she cannot throw anything in there. I want to start preparing her for her new baby sister.

So we went to Babys R Us about 2 weeks ago and purchased the crib. They had it the same day, which we didn't think they would. We had to make space for the crib. Which we finally got rid of the toddler bed, Samantha is in a twin now. The store told us that they would put it on hold. I was fine with that, they guaranteed that when we came back it would be there.

Well, we went back on Sunday. Guess what?? It wasn't there. It was "damaged", so they told us. Babys R Us definition of damaged: they sold it to someone else. They offered to have it in the store in 3 weeks. So I was very unhappy with that. I was guaranteed the crib would be there. They couldn't even present us with the "damaged" crib. If I saw that it was "damaged" then I would have accepted it more. But I knew they were just blowing smoke up our but.

So then they tried to offer us a different crib. I was open to other options, but it had to be the light oak color being the rest of the furniture is that color. So they offered me a different one which was not a convertible crib. I wouldn't take it. Finally they offered me one I was willing to take. They said they had 1 in stock which was on hold for someone else. They said that we can take that one. Being we were in the situation of having our crib sold under our feet the same way we told them we didn't want it. So they said if we want to wait 7-14 days they will do the delivery and the setup. So we agreed upon that.

We were in the store from 1-4 trying to sort this out. So now we are frustrated in Babys R Us with a 2 year old. It was just so impossible.

The manager told us to call the next day to schedule the delivery. So we called the next day and they told us that they are not able to do it. So immediately after work we picked up Samantha and went to Babys R Us. They said they cannot do the delivery and assembly because they would have to get the authorization through corporate. However he said they have 3 in stock. So being completely fed up, we decide that we will just put it on top of the car and bring it home. But guess what? THE MANAGER LIED! After we told him that he can take it now, he went in the back for 15 minutes and came out. They had none in stock. Then, it just so happened he was authorized to make the "executive decision" and setup the delivery and assembly. Funny huh??

I just want the crib. I am so fed up with Babys R Us and the runaround and B.S. that they gave us. Last night we didn't get out of there until 7:30 and didn't get home until 8. We have to call today to schedule the delivery and assembly. Let's see what happens....

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  1. >Babies R Us, in my experience, has THE WORST customer service. We only shop there when we absolutely have to...maybe once every 4 months. I had really good luck shopping through want to check them out!


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