Tuesday, March 23, 2010

>~ 29 Weeks Pregnant ~ Part 1

>So if you read my last post of when I went to the doctor, it wasn't horrible but it wasn't great.
Apparently when I took the glucose test my # was 151, when it should have been in the 130's. So my doctor told me that gestational diabetes is a possibility. She told me I had to go back for the 3 hour glucose test.

So, I went back to the lab on Saturday, yea it was torture, but not as bad as I was expecting it to be.

I have a doctor appointment tonight to get the results. I am very nervous. For one, the last time I was at the doctor they detected protein in my urine. Being I had Preeclampsia when I was pregnant with Samantha it scares me. Secondly, I will be getting the results of the lab test for gestational diabetes. Which if I do have gestational diabetes it will increase my risk of getting preeclampsia. I am not going to lie. It scares me.

This pregnancy has not been peaceful at all, I feel like from the beginning it has been one thing after another to worry about.

Doctors appointment today at 6:50 pm. Wish me luck... please. I will let you know how it goes.

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  1. >Best of luck to you Cindy :) Take


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