Wednesday, April 28, 2010


>My 2 1/2 Year old has been doing so great with the potty lately.
I thought I would share this with you.

Here is something that I found that works:

Of course there is the potty dance and special sticker.

But Samantha is very very proud now when she does poop in the potty.

We are very proud of her too!

So, each time she takes a poop I take a picture with my camera phone.

Now she expects a picture to be taken.

She gets very exciting about pooping because I take a picture and she can show everyone.

We have to flush the poopy but pictures last forever.

Taking pictures for her has really helped a lot. We have 3 poopy pictures so far. I told my hubby with all the weird art out there, I am going to open a gallery with hundreds of her poopy pictures. Someone will like it and call it art.. lol.

I would have posted it to my blog ~ but I love all my readers and don't want you to click the unsubscribe button.


  1. >This is pretty amusing yet gross... lol Buta great idea! You do what you have to do to make things work right? So I used to work for an Art Framing company in Boston, we did alot of high end peices, alot of weird Vulgar pieces, some things you wonder why they call it art? Some things that stick out in my head as I was reading this...... Theres a gallery in NYC that had sent us numerous photos of what looked like a naked colony, they werent small pics, seemed like borderline porn, another gallerey sent a pic of what they call "Prince Albert". Those were definetly weird!

  2. >Definitely gotta do what works, and if it works for us maybe it will work for others too. Potty training is tough. I have seen some crazy art too. But some things the crazier and weirder it is the more people love it. strange..


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