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>Mama Never Told Me by Emily Van Do ~ Book Review and Giveaway

>Mama Never Told Me - By Emily Van Do

I would like to start this review with quoting the first page of the book:

"Suddenly people (mostly coworkers, strangers) decide they have free reign in commenting on your appearance. They have no issues touching your belly or pointing out the unavoidable and beautiful transformation your body endures wile pregnant. If you appear annoyed then you are being hormonal. You are forced to laugh and bear it"

Being 34 weeks pregnant now ~ that is what grabbed my attention. Oh boy, the truth to it and how much it relates to myself as a pregnant woman was kind of a relief. Its nice to know your not the only one that gets comments thrown at them, especially in the work environment, which is completely inappropriate.

I enjoyed the book. I thought it was comical and true. My husband thought that she repeated herself a lot in the book. I agree that she did. However, the truth of pregnancy it does feel like you hear the same comments over and over.

Here are a couple things that I have heard that Emily Van Do may want to include in her next book:

So all this to get to asking for an envelope:

John: so how are you feeling Cindy?

Me: I am good.

John: so how much longer until the baby comes?

me: about 2 months.

John: oh, your getting big... (with his hands gestured a big stomach).. are you sure its not twins

me: yea, i am sure

John: oh cause your big

me: mmmm...

John: do you have a blank envelope.

me: yea, here..

This type of situation happens maybe once a week. Once he said "Your getting big, you must be eating a lot now huh?" My response: "I am pregnant!"

Just yesterday I was told by this guy Tom I work with that I am getting fat. I said "really - where have you been the last 8 months? Do you realize that I am pregnant?" He says "yea, I am just saying, it looks like there is a basketball under your shirt". Then I said "wow you are very observant".

It gets annoying hearing comments. Then there is always the after pregnancy comments. If you loose the weight or you don't everyone has a comment on your figure.

I would recommend this book as a gift to a friend that is pregnant. It's a cute baby shower gift. It is even a nice gift for yourself if you are pregnant. Its comforting to know that someone else has heard the same comments that you have during their pregnancy. It makes you feel like your not a big fat blimp, and people just don't know how to bite their tongue.

Where to Purchase: You can purchase your own copy at or Destination Maternity

Emily Van Do has offered one copy to one of my readers.

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* I did not receive any compensation for this post. I received a copy of Mama Never Told Me for review purposes. Based on reading the book I wrote this post based on my honest opinions and experiences*


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