Wednesday, April 28, 2010

>34 Weeks Pregnant

>Time is going so slow now!
I went for a Sonogram on Friday ~ they told me everything looks good.
The baby is 4 lb 8 oz. They weren't able to get a good picture, which I was kind of sad about.

With my first daughter I have an entire album filled with sonogram pictures. With this pregnancy- I have at most 4. And all of the pictures they take are so blurry and hard to make anything at all out.

When I went to my ob/gyn 2 weeks ago they told me the next visit I would be able to pick the date of the C-section. Yesterday was the 'next' visit. He told me I had to wait a little longer to pick the date. I was pretty disappointed about that. We are hoping for June 4th.

I am hoping to get 3 months off from work with the baby. Money will be tight, but I really want the time with the baby and my daughter. It is going to be a big adjustment for everyone.


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