Tuesday, January 11, 2011

>Please NO More Snow!

>I live in Queens, NY. This wonderful City of ours kid of don't care about Queens. Well at least it seems that way. The last blizzard, due to lack of plowing, we were not able to get off our block for four days. It really sucked. I was not able to get to work. I was not able to get to the supermarket. I was not able to go anywhere. My husband was able to get a ride to work on the 3rd day. Me, I had to work from home with 2 lovely children with cabin fever. All day everyday all I heard from Samantha (my 3 year old) was "Mommy come play with me." I would reply "Sweety I have to work while I am home, let me just finish this quote." Then Samantha would say "mommy please, how 'bout you sit on the floor and play with me while you work." Along with that was the challenge of caring for and entertaining Madeline (my 7 month old). Working from home always sounded fun. But after experiencing it I can say it is quite a challenge.

I am really hoping this storm that they say is coming misses us.

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  1. >Oh no! You couldn't even get to the store for supplies to make milk sandwiches? hahaYour kids are cuties.


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