Friday, January 21, 2011

>The Disney Store in Times Square

We finally made it to the Disney Store in Times Square and Samantha loved it!Outside there are TV screens all over and you see all the characters. It bought on such excitement within my daughter. Once we went in her words to be exact were "WOW". Then soon after was "Mommy can I have this, Mommy can we get that."

I was extremely surprised. Considering the store is in Times Square and attracts so many tourists, the prices were pretty reasonable. But we didn't go crazy (although I think if my husband was not there I would have!) Oh, and the day we went it wasn't crazy crowded.

They had a couple of the Princess costumes on sale for $19.99. Then the Princess and Me dolls were 30% off. Like I said it was pretty reasonable. We bought accessories for the Disney on Ice show we were going to see that evening. I think the toys that they sell there are extemely overpriced and a huge ripoff. We bought a Princess Sweatshirt, a crown, a wand and 2 cups (They were 2 for $10 and really nice). It all came out to about $ 35.00.

My daughter loved the large screen playing movie clips and music videos. When the Hannah Montana song came on one of the workers came over to do a dance. The workers there were very pleasant and extemely helpful to customers. I don't think there was a vibe of negative energy in this store.

In Conclusion,
The Disney Store was a blast. If you are ever in New York, your kids will love it... and so will you!

They say if you dream a deam more than once
it's sure to come true.

Coloring and watching show clips

The Princess in her Castle

My Baby Princess

It's the Mickey Mouse CLubhouse

Hugging Nemo

* All the opionions in this post are mine, I was not compensated in any way for this review. It is just a family experience that we had and I wanted to share.


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