Tuesday, May 11, 2010

>Ten Tips For Being Fashionable on a Budget

Twittermoms and Gap Outlet asked bloggers to come up with 10 tips for being fashionable on a budget.

1- Before you go out and buy anything, take inventory of what you do have. Think of ways that you can revamp your possessions into something more modern.

2- Thrift Stores. I live in New York, and some of the thrift stores here I would bet money the outfit was not worn more than one time. Save money by shopping at thrift stores.

3- Coupons!!! Before you go shopping, see what coupons are available to print online.

4- Shop at online stores. Some things you can find lower prices on by shopping online.

5- Shop at outlets. You can often times find better deals at outlet stores.

6- End of season sales. Clothes are sometimes marked down up to 75% at the end of the season. I personally think JC Penny always has the best end of season sales.

7- Shop on craigslist. You can often find someones old treasures that accommodate what you are looking for.

8- Compare prices. Shop around for what you are looking for.

9- Don't buy out of impulse. It is okay to not buy something, then go home and think about it. The next day you may decide you really want it, or that you are glad you did not buy it.

10- Do not buy name brand. You can often find the same style you are looking for and just because it is not a name brand makes it a lot cheaper.

Do you have any tips on how to be fashionable on a budget?
Or perhaps you are looking for more tips to be fashionable on a budget?
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