Tuesday, May 11, 2010

>10 Creative and Affordable Vacation Tips

Twittermoms and Sienna are asking bloggers to share their top 10 Creative and Affordable Vacation Tips.

1- Stay Local: Often times we take our vacation, we really do not go out of state. I live in New York so there are tons of things to do. Rather then going away and paying for a hotel and all the extras, we take day trips. Our last vacation we took we went to places such as amusement parks, zoo's, farms, and aquariums.

2- Plan to drive to your destination: We went on a vacation to the Poconos which is 2 hours from us. We had a great time and it was relatively inexpensive.

3- Find free events for kids in the area you will be staying.

4- When you choose a destination look for deals online: You can find deals online for places you plan to go. Print coupons online and sometimes buy things for cheaper.

5- AAA Card: Our AAA card has not only come in handy with a flat tire and a dead battery but for discounts at the aquarium and children's museum. You may want to look into getting an AAA card. They also have deals for Disney and other places.

6- Pack your own snacks. You will save money.

7- Find a supermarket close to your destination so that you do not have to spend money eating out every night.

8- If you do plan to fly or stay in a hotel - Compare Rates.

9- Buy Souvenirs for kids before hand. For example- if you are going to Disney, buy toys before you go and bring them with you as a souvenir for the kids. Every toy there will be jacked up in price because you are buying it at Disney.

10- Book a vacation for off season. It will be cheaper.

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