Thursday, May 6, 2010

>YAY ! I Scheduled the Date!

>I finally got to schedule the date for my C-section!!!

They scheduled me for Friday June 4th! !

Excited, but scared..

I am going to have to be in the hospital 4 days.
I do not know how I am going to sleep away from home.
I wish hospitals were more like hotels that the family can stay too.
I get so sad at the thought of being without her.
The only time our family is really away from each other is when my husband and I are working.
This is going to be extremely difficult!!!


  1. >Congrats! You'll be just fine-I had my C way back in 2001 and it went great. You'll want to rest and spend lots of time with baby, my hubby and then 9 yr old son came to visit with me daily and although I was sad to see them leave, I was also able to get some much needed rest. Plus, they left the baby with me pretty much all the time, except when I wanted to nap so you will be pretty busy too!

  2. >Thanks Michele. After my last c-section all I wanted to do was rest, but there was always visitors. This time I am trying to tell people (besides from my husband and daughter) that I would prefer they visit when we get home, but it doesn't seem to be too effective.


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