Monday, May 24, 2010


>I am so extremely exhausted today...
It was a pretty busy weekend.

On Saturday we bought our daughter to the Marionette Theater in Central Park.
It was really cute. She loved it! The performance was called Three. It starred the big bad wolf trying to become the big good wold. In order to do so he had three chances to prove that he was good. We really enjoyed it. The only complaint that I had was that they asked the parents to sit toward the wall or the back. I think the parents should have all been forced to sit in the back. In the front rows there was 2 or 3 parents sitting toward the walls, but that could have been a space that a child could have sat closer. Us along with another couple sat toward the back, which my daughter 2 1/2 and their daughter 3 1/2 was perfectly fine sitting in the front on their own. Oh, then at one point my daughter had to go to the potty and there was parents sitting in the aisles. Fire hazard! and very dangerous for your child. Seriously in a dark theater with my stomach now huge ~ do you really think I can see your child crawling under my feet. (Just had to vent a little bit about it.) After that we bought the kiddos to the park and for some ice cream, of course pink.

Sunday, we did our food shopping, went to a street fair, and kmart. Then my family decided the last minute they wanted to come over cause they still did not see the room for the girls. Exhausting. My mom, who watches my daughter while I am at work came too, and once she left my daughter cried for at least an hour about how she wanted grandma. It definitely hurts my feeling. My mom is not a good person, one day I will bring myself to blog about it. But right now emotionally it is too hard. But it bothers me the bond they have because I know the woman that my mother really is. Then, it hurts my feelings cause i know she don't cry for me when I leave. Ehhh. Maybe it is just pregnancy hormones.

Then my husband and I could not agree whether to watch Lost or Celebrity Apprentice. I wanted to watch Celebrity Apprentice, and he wanted lost. So we stayed up to watch both. Yep, on a work night we stayed up until 1 Am. So now today I am totally exhausted. I am so happy Bret won celebrity apprentice!!! Lost, was very dramatic and dragged on. I am glad that their will not be another season.

So, I have 7 more days of work and 10 more days until I meet my precious baby. Still hoping that I go into labor before then. Gosh time, hurry up!!! After the baby is born you can slow down!


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