Monday, February 15, 2010

>A Day in The City: Sesame Street Live, Toys R' Us and Tony Di Napoli


This was one of the most awesome weekends that we had in a long time. On Friday I picked up tickets for Sesame Street Live that I won from Madison Square garden. I came home from work and told Samantha I had a surprise for her. She said "what is it, what is it?" Then I decided to give her hints. First I put Sesame Street PJ's on her for bed. I told her that was a hint, a clue, that it has something to do with toorrows surprise. She said "what is it? is it sausage?" I guess sausage is all that is really on my 2 year olds mind. lol...

Then, the next morning when we woke up we watched Sesame Street. I told her that was another clue to what we we are doing. Then I dressed her in an elmo shirt. I told her that is another clue. We went to the train and got to the city, and obviopusly had to get her sausage for breakfast. At breakfast we asked her if she is ready for the surprise and she said "yes, is it the movies?"

We got to Madison Square garden and once we got in the room with al the souveniers, food and drinks, I asked her again if she knew what the surprise was. She yelled out "ELMO!!" Gosh, you had to see how her face lit up. The whole show she was dancing in her seat and singing to the songs. The show was absolutely adorable. My husband and I enjoyed just watching her face as each new character and new song came on. The show had beautiful character costumes and sets showing different things that you can be when you grow up. Samantha wants to be sleeping beauty when she grows up. She had such a blast! The pictures didn't come out too well because we weren't sure if you would be allowed to take pictures. So to be safe, we bought a disposable.

We had reservations for Tony Di Napoli's in Times Square at 2. So we had some time. We bought Samantha to Toys R' Us in Times Square to ride on the Ferris Wheel. She wanted the pink barbie car, and unfortunately we got Mr. Potato head. We still had a good time on the ride.

We had a huge meal at Tony Di'Napoli's. We ordered family style. It was very filling and Samantha kept room for dessert, ice cream. The waiter took a picture cause he thought she was hilarious with what a mess she made with the whip cream and icing. It's hard to see it in the picture, but she really enjoyed her dessert.

We were all absolutely exhausted, Samantha fell right asleep once we got into queens and got in the car. She told everyone how she saw elmo. This weekend was absolutely amazing.


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