Thursday, October 22, 2009

>Thank You

>I want to thank everyone who said prayed. It worked!

Thank you sooo, sooo much!

So I went to the sonogram place yesterday and it was a long long wait. They told me to come in at 5:30 and I was not seen until 6:45. But whatever, it was so worth the wait!

Once I went in, the nurse began the sonogram and as soon as I looked on the screen I said thats the baby, and there is the heartbeat! It was amazing!!! She said I have to wait for the doctor to come in but to take a deep breath.

Once the doctor came in, he showed us the baby again and the heartbeat. We got to listen to the heartbeat. The baby has a strong heartbeat (162). My husband and I were in tears cause it was so emotional. We are so happy.

So, the doctor at the sonogram place said I am 7 1/2 weeks. The due date is June 5th.

My regular ob/gyn had me convinced I was going to miscarry. I mean on Monday I went there and sat down with her to go over the blood results which the hormones are going up and she said she would have seen something by now. She was not very optimistic. I feel like in the last week I have been to hell and back. I think I am on a mission to find a new one. This made me loose a lot of trust in her.

But omg it was so awesome and I am so happy. And thank you so much for your prayers and support.

I know during this rough time, I read a lot of stories from other parents who went through similar circumstances. Many of the stories I read gave me hope. So I hope that one day someone will read this and it will comfort them. Just because they are doctors it does not mean that they are always right.

One of the sites that helped me out during this hellish week was There are stories on there from many woman that everything turned out to be okay.


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