Wednesday, October 28, 2009

>I Found A New Doctor

>After the whole situation that happened with the ob/gyn, if you read my earlier posts ~ I was recommended a doctor from my mother in law. I have an appointment for November 18th. I have to call my old doctor to have my records faxed over. I know this sounds nuts but its so hard for me to call. Like it kind of feels like a breakup. Like how do I say it? Are they going to ask questions? I have been going to her for over 3 years. Lately though I have really been questioning her practices. Like for my first miscarriage - was it necessary to have a D&C? Then when I was pregnant with Samantha she found protein in my urine so had me induced. After the first induction didn't work the hospital wanted to send me home but she wanted to keep me there. It was so painful and long. They then put me on pitocin and broke my water. Was that all necessary I question now? Then this pregnancy she already took 3 sonograms and I am only 8 weeks. Then she had me convinced that because she didn't see anything that the baby was ectopic or its not developing. Thank God, everything is okay. I just don't want my health and my baby's health in her hands.


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