Thursday, October 1, 2009

>Too Much To Do!

>I know that everyone has the feeling mostly every day of "I cannot wait until my workday is over" or "is it 5 o'clock yet."

But id you ever get that feeling when you are like "geez its already 1pm", "I don't want the workday to be over", "Things will be too crazy once I leave here."

Well, thats the feeling that I have today. Today is the last day of my work week because it is my brother in laws wedding. (Ahhhhh!) Today once I leave work, the beginning of a nonstop crazy weekend will begin. I am so NOT prepared for it!

Today I have to go with my husband and his parents and grandpa to dinner and to pick up their tuxedo's. By the time we get home will be around about 9pm and we still have not packed. The wedding is a weekend event beginning tomorrow. We are staying in a hotel in Jersey.

We plan to take Samantha to playgroup from 10-12 tomorrow. During that time I have to get shoes and a sweter to go with my dress. Yea... talk about waiting until the last minute. Then we will pick Samantha up and go home. My husbands parents and grandfather is going to meet us at our house at 1pm. Then off to Jersey we go. Check in is at 3 pm. Then there is the rehearsal dinner, I think its at 8 (and there isn't a reahearsal, I dont get it!!)

Then on Saturday is the wedding. We have to be at the place like 9:30 his brother said (why?) From there the reception and back to the hotel to spend time with everyone.

Then on Sunday the brides mom is throwing a brunch. From there we leave and head on over to my husbands sister in laws brothers house. There they plan to sing happy borthday to Samantha and her cousin. Both of their birthdays are coming up.

I took off on Monday to recover. It's going to be a crazy weekend. Oh and on top of that, this is the first time we are staying away from home with Samantha. I am very nervous about it!!!


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