Tuesday, October 6, 2009

>What a Long Weekend I Had

>I have been gone a couple of days due to my brother in laws wedding out of state. And wow was it memorable, not so much in a good way either.

So, we arrive in New Jersey at the DoubleTree Hotel around 2. Everything went well. All the gues started arriving. We got Samantha down for a nap. Then prepared to go to the (NON) Rehearsal dinner which was hosted by my husbands parents. It must have costed a ton of money and was very nice indeed.

Then, we go back to the hotel. My husband was changing Samantha's poopy and all of a suden the fire alarms go off. Yes, you heard that right.. FIRE ALARMS. I rush out with Samantha and my husband. Initially you always think its a false alarm and act on it as though it is for real. Well, this time it was definitely for real. The restaurant toward the front of the DoubleTree hotel was on fire. Wouldn't you take a fire at your hotel the night before your wedding as some kind of sign?

Well we were outside from 10:30pm to about 1:00 am. Luckily a nice lady let me sit in her car during this time. It happened to rain also while everyone was outside due to the fire.

The next morning we woke up and there was no hot water. So we all had to take bird baths. Brother in law said don't worry about foor, once we get to the place of the wedding there will be a whole setup. Well, there wasn't. The morning of the wedding it was raining. So once we arrived at the site, it was muddy and wet and very very dreary. The wedding was suppose to be outside, howvere, the place setup the entire wedding to be indoors due to the rain and mud and dreariness. This was absolutely not good enough for the bride. She wanted the wedding outside. Therefore, she will have it outside. The place had to set everything up outside. I don't think they were too happy about that. Then came the cocktail hour and reception, I can complain about that too but I won't.

Hold on... One big complaint.... The brides mother had and beat breast cancer. We had left a bag outside and saw her smoking a cigarrette!!! How ungrateful and unappreciative. How can you take surviving breast cancer for granted like that. WOW, That made me very very very angry!

Well, after the reception we head back to the hotel. Now, the bridesparents were suppose to host a sunday breakfast. However, the restaurant caught fire so there is nowhere to cook. But, there is a Mcdonalds, and at least 3 diners within 1 mile. So here is the question. Are you allowed to take credit for a free continental breakfast that was given by the hotel? I mean my husbands parents spent well over $1000 for the rehearsal dinner. Don't you think a free continental breakfast is like a middle finger up. There was 30 people at the dinner and only like 15 at the breakfast. Why couldn't she do it right and have it in the diner? ugh.. whatever..

So we came back home sunday afternoon. I took the day off yesterday. Samantha was drawing and she said look mommy fire. You never know how much these little ones pick up. She did not actually see the fire but expressed it on paper.

What a long weekend I had.


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