Tuesday, November 23, 2010

>10 Holiday Survival Tips

>The holidays are here, and they can surely drive any sane person insane. I am sick nearly every holiday. My husband says it is because I take the trains and come in contact with a lot of germs. I tell him it is from the anxiety. I survive them everytime though. Here is the best 10 tips to survive the holidays:

1- Take A Vacation: This is what I keep telling my husband we need to do. I told him I want to start saving now for next year because I do not feel like dealing with family drama.

2- Screw Obligations: You have no obligation to anyone but yourself. Try and plan your holidays according to what is going to make you happy. Not what is going to please others.

3- Make Plans : Do not wait to the last minute. Make plans that way you are mentally prepared.

4- Avoid Shopping: Try and get all your shopping done before november. The longer you wait the crazier the stores will be an the less stock they will have.

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5- Just think of the kids: At those difficult times that you do not know if you can bear anymore, just think about the kids and the joy you are bringing to their lives.

6- Love!! The holidays are about love. Surround yourself with people you love rather than negativity.

7- Budget! Create a budget of how much you want to spend for the holidays. Sometimes you tend to spend more than you should if you do not budget.

8- Make a shopping list: Write a list of what you want to buy that way you do not go overboard. Every parent wants to get their kid everything. You will not have enough space to give them everything. It will spoil them. And they won't play with nearly any of it.

9- Leave the kids with a babysitter when you go shopping. It will save you a lot of stress.

10- Ask for help. If you plan to host a dinner, ask others to bring a dish or come early to help you set up.

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