Tuesday, November 30, 2010

>Five Helpful Tips for Holiday Tech Shopping

>Twttermoms and Staples has asked bloggers to post 5 Helpful tips for Holiday Tech Shopping.

The holidays are here. They lit the Rockafeller Center Tree. It is official. People are officially going crazy shopping now. Most of us do not want to be caught in a store during this season. Too crowded, little patience, and intolerable kids. For tose of you that are doing some last minute shopping here are Five helpful tops for holiday tech shopping:

1- Shop around. Usually the best buys are online. What I normally do is search on google and then click the shopping on the top left. Then I sort by price low to high. You usually come up with the place that has the lowest price. You do not want to pay more than you have to.

2- Buy the warranty. Gosh I cannot tell you how many TV's my inlaws went through. Each time it broke, it was replaced for free by the Manufacturer. It is usually worth it to be safe and buy the warranty. My husband also has replaced his radio a few times with the warranty that we purchased. We learned the hard way that is is worth it to spend the couple extra dollars and purchase a warranty. Especially if it is for a kid or teen.. or someone clumsy like my hubby.

3- Compare Brands. For example: whether HP or Lenovo or another brand. You want to buy a brand that you can trust but compare within the brands you do trust to get the best buy for your money. Do the research and compare the specs.

4- Do not get caught up. Everyone loves shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is great to do when you know what you are looking for but often times you get caught up in these "once in a lifetime deals" and spend more money than you should on things you originally had no intentions buying.

5- Check out the Reviews. Most websites have a review section. Read up on what others liked and disliked about the product before you buy it. It will give you a clue what you are in for and if it is really worth it.

I hope that these five Holiday Tech Shopping Tips are helpful to you.
HAppy Holidays!!!

About Staples: (From the Twittermoms Website)
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