Tuesday, January 26, 2010

>My Life...

>So today is a pretty crap day. This morning my husband and I dropped Samantha off at her Grandma's like any other day. Once she got out of the car and we drove away she got very angry because there was a pocketbook that she wanted in the car. Remind you, she is 2 years old. Once I get to work I always call my mom to see how she is doing. Today she got on the phone and angrily told me "Mommy, you take my bag!, Give me my bag back now!" So all days been an off day for her. Which not even 2 minutes before she got out of the car I asked her if she wants her bag and she told me no.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow my husband is going to take the CDL driving test. It is actually very hard. The pre inspection you have to memorize a lot. So I have my fingers crossed that he passes.

The pregnancy is going good. As I mentioned it's a girl.. She is very very active. Much more active than I remember Samantha being. I love it. This is the best part of pregnancy. I am 21 weeks. I can feel her moving but I am not huge yet and my ankles aren't swollen yet. It's uncomfortable but very bearable compared to what is to come.

*** update!!! Hubby passed the CDL test!!! woohoooooo!


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