Wednesday, December 16, 2009


>I am 15 weeks pregnant now. This pregnancy is going by so fast.
I went to the doctor yesterday and heard the baby heart.

The ultrascreen results came back ok.

Everything is looking good. Thanks God!

As far as gender ~ my husband wants to find out but I don't. However I understand why he wants to. We saved all the stuff from Samantha and our apartment is not that big. So we can get rid of all that stuff if it turns out to be a boy. It will give us a lot more space. My point- I like the surprise of it (we didn't find out with Samantha.) Also, its not 100% accurate.

So probably the next appointment they will be able to determine the gender. So we decided to be fair and pick it out of a hat whether we will find out or not. I will let you know what the decision is when we do it.

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  1. >So exciting. I think I am done with babies (have two) so it is fun to relive the excitement through others.


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