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>How To Get Your Child To Embrace Summer Reading


Does yor child enjoy reading? What things to you do as a parent or caregiver to make reading for your child more fun?

From the moment that I found out that I was pregnant with my first daughter, I knew that I wanted my chikldren to enjoy reading as much as I do. Reading to your child is very important, It teaches them to use their imagination and enhances their learning.

Twittermoms and Harper Collins want to know what tips, tricks and strategies do you use to get you kids to embrace summer reading? Are you a blogger that wants to share your ideas? Or perhaps you would like to check out some other ideas that other bloggers have? Click here to go to the Twittermoms discossion page.

The Twittermoms cnversation is sponsered by I Can Read! I Can Read! is a series that debuted in 1957 with the book Little Bear. It is a series that grows with your child by steps from beginner readers to children that can read on their own. Now I Can Read has 200 titles and has sold 6 million books. Check out the I Can Read! Website for a list of books and activities.

In our home reading is encouraged and we do everything that we can think of to get our children to embrace it not just in the summer, but year round.

Here are some fun tips, tricks and strategies that we use tp get our children to embrace summer reading.

1- Begin reading to your children early on. It is never to early to start reading to your kids. The warlier that you start, the better they will be able to sit throught the stories as they get older.

2- Encourage comprehension with ffun activities. There are some books that you can find fun activitiesd online. After reading the story, check out some fun activity pages or coloring pages that they may have online. For children it is kind of like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
3- Check out your local library. We have a couple libraries close by to us which hold fun reading activities. One library has storytime. The librarian will read a story to the children and also sing a couple of songs with them. Then there is another library that has a summer reading club. They give you a folder with a sheet to fill out with books that they read. Then once you return the sheet there is a wall that has all the childrens names on it who are participating in the program. Each time they bring a sheet back they get a sticker. At the end of the summer they get a prize.

3- Go to the library anyway. Even if the library near you does not hold any summer activities, it is still fun for your child to go there and just read books. Take advantage of the air condition.

4- Check out local bookstores. Borders and Barnes and Noble also have some fun programs for children, which also include storytime. The Borders near me also gives out a small snack to the children.

5- Lead by Example. When your child sees you pick up a book, they will want to also. My daughter tries to immitate everything that I do. Reading is one of them. If I sti on the couch and open a book, so will she.

6- Designate a Reading Time. In our home, reading time is a half hour before bed. When Rose, our 2 1/2 year old goes to bed we allow her to pick out 1 books that I read to her and one book that she reads to her baby sister Maddy.

7- Bring Books Along. On long drives, rather then putting on the car DVD player, have your child entertain themselves by bringing books along. You can also bring books along for days at the beach or park.

8- Subscribe to a Children Magazine. Kids feel big and important when they get mail. We subscribe to Wild Animal Baby Magaxzine. When it comes in the mail my daughter gets very excited. She loves it, and runs straight in the house to read it.

Enjoy your summer reading!

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